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WARNING: This Website contains explicit adult material.

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On one particular day we left as usual, walking as the school was only blocks away, and when out of view of the house, doubled back to conceal ourselves in the hedge about 25 yards from the front door, near the driveway/courtyard.Daddy wore a lab coat and stethoscope as he was going to the office.Mommy had a firm grip on the huge bulge in his crotch, and was barking something under her breath at him we couldn’t hear, to which he was nodding in profuse obedience.These were happy times, and I’ll cherish the memory of them the rest of my life.It was one of these times that, at least for me, became one of the most embarrassing, humiliating experiences of my life, yet began the happiest, most pleasureful period of my life! being as perverted as it was, and Buffy and I tended to be a little spoiled.Ivan, a 6’7" well muscled black man with a shaved head and a short van-dyke, sharply exited the drivers seat and snappily opened Mommy’s door for her, standing smartly at attention while he waited for her to leisurely enter, eyeing him up and down in inspection.

He wore a white tight tank top, and skintight black Lycra bicycle shorts, his required uniform, which showed off his beefy buns and the massive bulge in his groin.

If you do not meet these requirements, then you do not have permission to use the Website.

" It all started when Buffy, my adorable twin sister; born with me on Valentine’s Day; and I were 11 years old.

We lived on a palatial estate on a hill overlooking Los Angeles, known to the locals as Valentine Manor. Rodney Valentine, at 31; was a Gynecologist and Pediatrician, while Mommy; 28; the entrepreneur, owned several lingerie stores, adult boutiques and adult book, video, and novelty shops. We attended private school, where the girls all wore an abbreviated pink satin frock with puffy sleeves, a big white satin bow sash, and a puffy 3 tiered white lace trimmed skirt with a hemline that fell barely below the thigh when the wearer was sitting.

The dresses were always worn with a 6 layer chiffon petticoat trimmed in lace with alternating layers of pink and white, white tights with ruffled bottoms (or pink garter belts with opaque white silk stockings for the older girls), pink bobby-sox with ruffled white lace trim, & red patent Mary-janes.

It’s sad that many social media apps meant for adults like Messenger where kids ARE actually getting contacted by adult strangers and drawn into sexual conversations and being sent and asked for nude photos and yes there is actual evidence, are not being deleted by parents. The 2 is for nice graphics and fun ability to imitate the users voice or sounds.