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You see, unlike women, we weren’t born with that innate wisdom. Men, on the other hand, tend to hang out in the world of reason, though what might seem reasonable to many men is anything but. For these and many other reasons, many men tend to stay clear of their emotions, at least with women.

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That’s not always easy because when men finally decide to sit and discuss their relationship challenges, they’re so emotionally twisted up inside they don’t know which end is up.It takes some time to calm them down so they can see their situations clearly, and then develop a vision of how they would like things to be with their wives, kids, parents, family members or co-workers.• Identify the Wound Once we identify the desired result, we look at what’s preventing him from connecting with his own feelings or communicating them effectively.Having a license to carry home these emotions isn’t a law, but for everyone’s benefit, don’t you think a little training would make for a safer and more loving place to live? S: The Relationship Manual For Men, and the founder of Better Men Coaching, Wayne Levine is the go-to mentor for men and boys looking to find and transition into masculinity. But the foundation of that wounded little boy was not strong enough to support a man with mature responsibilities, questions and challenges.1 Comments June 25, 2014Tags: manliness, masculinity, men's coach, men's groups, mentoring, rites of passage Author of Hold On to Your N. Without shame basing, Wayne uses his background and own experience to help guide the masses of men who never went through their rites of passage. My problems, if too challenging for me, caused me to feel completely overwhelmed. I no longer lose my sense of self in depression for days and weeks on end. And I’ve seen many men experience this same remarkable transformation.An experiential opportunity for singles and couples to reflect, to learn and to grow…

Facilitated by Wayne Levine and Molly Wavra Men & Women…What Now? Levine In the wrong hands, firearms can be very dangerous. If not, the potential damage can be devastating and irreparable.

As we become conscious, we’re capable of making choices rather than being a slave and reacting to the unconscious fears of our own feelings.

• Practice with the Men With tools in hand, and a clearer understanding of the problem and objective, it’s time to start practicing with the men.

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In our groups, men have free reign to say what’s on their minds without fear of hurting anyone’s feelings.