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So in that sense it's quite interesting." the PR being 'it's exactly how it used to be'.

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They pivoted it, when DC Thomson bought it they turned it into a memory picture board. I must admit, I thought it was brave, they spent a lot of money and time and effort on it.It's all been rewritten three times, and the world's moved on, SP: "We said 'put it back to what it says on the tin, it's Friends Reunited, what's it got to do with pictures? I'm quietly happy with it, we're kind of close to being back to doing what it should do, so people can find their school and look at their old photos.I didn't want to shut it down beause there's a hell of a lot of good old data on there.The newspapers of the time were filled with stories of jilted husbands and wives blaming the site for their divorce, and at its height, in 2007, Friends Reunited claimed 55 per cent of all British adults were members.Yet few of its users were active users (unlike then-surging Facebook's), and 2007 was when growth slowed – by March 2008, when the site responded by removing its subscription fee, active user numbers had already dramatically fallen.So here, in their own words – and those of Michael Murphy, the CEO who took it from a bedroom in Barnet to a multi-million pound brand – is the story of Friends Reunited: Jason Porter: “We met working together at Bovis Construction [now Lend Lease], way back in the day.

We were programmers, [but] we always had this entrepreneurial spirit, you know, always coming up with ideas, making stuff for people.

It's been almost ten years, that's a whole generation.

They're not going to move from Facebook to this thing.

Even the ones who were 18 back in 2000 will now be 33, they'll already know how to get in touch with their friends."The target is to make Friends do what we expect it to be able to do. We could expand into the school market more, whereby we're actually working with schools.

There's a possibility we could do something like that.

It turned out to be difficult selling the site to a new generation of users, who weren’t growing up knowing what it meant to lose track of friends.