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[She laughs.] It's a bagel incident that you guys will know very well when this [film] comes out. MTV: The original "Halloween" started Jamie Lee Curtis on a path that had her become "The Scream Queen," and then she transformed that into a very respectable career. I tried so hard, and I remember going in about four or five times, testing with Rob and screaming my brains out!MTV: What were your thoughts when you first realized you'd be working with Rob Zombie? But it feels good following in Jamie Lee Curtis' footsteps.

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Recently, MTV News caught up with the actress for her first-ever interview since landing the coveted role that gave Jamie Lee Curtis a career.Taylor-Compton: I was watching the original one when I was going to audition for this, to see how I could bring Jamie Lee Curtis into it. I got it for my birthday, which was on set and I was filming. Laurie still has the glasses, she's conservative, but she has a little attitude to herself now.MTV: Tell us about the areas where you are inserting a little bit of Scout, as opposed to just following the Jamie Lee Curtis game plan.The former "Sleepover" star got giggly talking about why she was originally scared by Zombie, some of the (formerly) top-secret stunts she's endured and why a remake of "Halloween II" might be on the horizon.MTV: So here we are on the set of the "Halloween" remake, on the front lawn of the new Laurie Strode house. Scout Taylor-Compton: Just picture the original "Halloween" but with more blood and with Rob's creativity." I mean, of course he is killing everybody, but there is just a little cute thing to him, I think.

MTV: Laurie doesn't enter the new version of the movie until about two-thirds into it.

Taylor-Compton: [She laughs.] I really love doing all the stunts like in the pool [behind the Myers' home], falling into the empty pool and rolling and crying and searching my way out. MTV: Would you like to do some "Halloween" sequels? I am enjoying myself a lot, and I would love to continue on. Taylor-Compton: I think we're going to spice her up a little bit, make her a little bit more real rather than the girl next door.

I really like doing my own stunts; now I'm an action woman. MTV: Well, in "Halloween II," Jamie Lee Curtis got to come back. There are some problems, I'm sure, that she'd be dealing with.

MTV: Can you give us a sample of the new Laurie Strode scream? I want people to rate me, but I want them to hear it in the movie. Taylor-Compton: I'm hoping this is a big success and we can make another one, and we can enjoy it more. Going through this kind of tragedy does stuff to you.

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Taylor-Compton: Well, definitely in the sassy attitude that I bring to it — especially talking to my mom and talking to my friends.