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In Florida in the winter, he enjoyed biking, kayaking—and, of course, dancing.“He was always active and hard to keep up with! He was a gentle, kind man who never said a bad word against anyone.”His friend, Mr. Schade said this: “I am reminded of the final scene in the film ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ when Private Ryan is at the grave of Captain Miller and turns to his wife and says, ‘Am I a good man? Schade paused to compose himself.“I would say to Fred, and I am sure Pat would agree, that ‘Yes, of course you are a good man. Something very rare.’ What a wonderful friend.”Services will be held later this summer in Southampton. Kollhopp requested planting a small evergreen or tree on public lands for all to enjoy or making a donation to PBS—his favorite, and the only station he would watch or listen to. We raised all our children here and now we have our 1st "great grandchild". There are many, many happy birds in Southampton, Texas, and Pennsylvania who live in Kollhopp homes, his most important real estate deals!

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At 8yrs old...grabbed the Zanottis and asked to try them on!Blazer thanks to @abdullahkigili #trlikes #jewels #gold #architecture #design #designer #designers #gray #grayhair #beards #beardsofinstagram #beardstyle #model - My dear friend @catherinemalandrinopersonal signing her new book “Une Femme Francaise!” Great Xmas gift for the Francophile in your life!!But he kept his real estate license, and he and Ms. Petersburg, Florida, where her daughter lives.“Pat and he were inseparable,” Ms. “I can see him now at every fundraiser, with a smile on his face, dancing with Pat.”With emotion, she continued, “He started a whole handicap division, making houses accessible and finding handicapped people accessible homes. He was doing these things long before it was politically correct to do so.”Mr. He was very conscious of those that were less fortunate.”“He was a compassionate, sincere and honest guy,” agreed Beau Hulse, a real estate broker with Coldwell Banker. “He was always making things: a step stool for his granddaughter, a holder for guest towels.”He loved helping people find their “dream” home, she said.Schade recalled, “He would work with seniors helping them liquidate their homes or buy their homes. He also loved his garden, growing vegetables and flowers. He was, right to the end, a people person.“Even when he was in hospice, he’d have me arrange for friends to visit. It was wonderful to see how happy Fred and Pat were and how much they loved each other.-- before I’d be totally gray and my youth would be lost forever.

Call it hyperbole, but as is the case with so many men, much of my self-esteem is tied up in my appearance and libido.

Photos by @no.w.stefanopasini always creative and beautiful!

Check out the beautiful video shot by @aroundgallery .

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