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When Jennifer escaped, she fell off a cliff and was knocked unconscious.

Together, they foiled a robbery attempt and helped bust a prostitution ring, among other adventures.In 1985, Jennifer returned to Salem as a teenager in deep trouble.In addition to running away from boarding school, she had become rebellious and a compulsive liar, and was being stalked by a rapist.In 1987, Jennifer's father, Bill, returned to Salem.Filled with guilt that he was absent when Jennifer needed him in the past, Bill became strict and tried to run her life. However, she quickly broke it off when she learned of her mother and grandmothers' mental problems.Lawrence Alamain (Married 1990; annulled circa 1991) Jack Deveraux (Married Jul 2, 1991; divorced circa 1993) Peter Blake (Married Nov 11, 1995; separated in 1996 and officially divorced shortly afterwards) Frankie Brady (Married 2006; deemed invalid shortly afterward) Jack Deveraux (Married May 29, 2003; divorced May 17, 2011) Bill Horton (father) Laura Spencer (mother) Mike Horton (brother) Lucas Roberts (paternal half-brother) Tom Horton, Sr.

(paternal grandfather; deceased) Alice Grayson (paternal grandmother; deceased) James Spencer (maternal grandfather) Carrie Spencer (maternal grandmother; deceased) Sid Grayson (paternal great-grandfather; deceased) Abigail Grayson (paternal great-grandmother; deceased) Tommy Horton, Jr.

She then enlisted the help of classmate Frankie Brady, who helped her save Glenn.

Months later, while on a class trip, Jennifer and Frankie realized they had feelings for one another.

She feared she'd develop the same conditions and pass them on to her own children.

Once she faced her fears, Jennifer and Frankie reunited, but Eve Donovan, who had a crush on Frankie, spilled the beans about an affair he had while separated from Jennifer.

Fortunately, her big brother, Mike, came to her rescue, and Jennifer began to slowly straighten out.