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Who is lc from laguna beach dating

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[we] always talked about, how are we going to end it?

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Liz Gateley executive produced all six seasons of the MTV hit, and created the series that birthed it, “That was a big decision for us not to include any of when she becomes sort of ‘famous,’” Gateley recalls. That’s not real life.”Conrad’s co-star, Whitney Port, tells ET it definitely was a challenge to keep that part of life off TV.“They couldn't show us, like, walking carpets at parties, or endorsing things, or having our own lines, because that would sort of take away the legitimacy of having this struggling, young kid in L. “The network said, ‘Let’s do a couple more seasons, this is a big show for us.’ And we made the decision to keep going without her.”“She was done with the show,” Gateley says.Born and raised in Laguna Beach, California, she attended Laguna Beach High School.In September 2004, at the age of 18, Conrad came to prominence after being cast in the reality television series Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, which documented her life and friends' lives.It was so untrue to what was really going on.”.“The network got really scared that we weren’t putting testimonials in there,” Gateley shares. The first two seasons of the show were just 10 and 12 episodes, respectively. But once they were in there, you know, we weren’t making anything happen.” “[There was] a need to produce more episodes, not necessarily more drama,” she adds.When MTV ordered the series’ third installment, the network wanted 28 episodes -- but shot in the same amount of time they had to film the other seasons.“We never had to script anything,” Gateley says. “That’s when we started covering more characters, too,” Gateley notes.Conrad launched the fashion lines LC Lauren Conrad and Paper Crown in 20, respectively. Conrad married former musician and law school graduate William Tell in September 2014.

Her father added that Conrad "wasn't a great student [and] wasn't that interested" during her childhood, although noted that "we figured out along the way that she was an artist and her real love was fashion." Alongside eventual castmates Lo Bosworth, Kristin Cavallari, and Stephen Colletti, Conrad was educated at Laguna Beach High School.

It was time to see that chapter of amazing storytelling on the network come to an end.” Co-star Audrina Patridge seems to agree with Gateley about the tone of the show shifting in the final seasons, calling Conrad the show’s “voice of reason.”“When Kristin came in, things really just got wild,” she tells ET’s Ashley Crossan. all these new random people would come in, and it was like this is just not the same.”Lisa Loves’ “She's going to always be known as the girl who didn't go to Paris” is a line that will go down in reality TV history -- and Gateley tells ET they tried to get Conrad to take the internship abroad, but she wouldn’t bite.

is an American television personality, fashion designer, and author.

’ And, clearly, the show went on, and continued to do well. Definitely not.”The show ran for a season and a half more, but with Conrad’s The series famously ended with Brody Jenner standing in front of what turned out to be a backdrop of the Hollywood Hills and Hollywood sign as Cavallari drove away.

The backdrop pulled away, revealing that the final scene actually took place on a studio backlot.

“We just had to make things happen faster and be more efficient about shooting, because we had more episodes to produce every year.”"“Did we know that Heidi and Lauren were going to be at the same club when they didn’t? “We started covering Stephanie Pratt and her friendship, and Lo [Bosworth] came back to the show .... There’s only so much that happens in someone’s life in a few weeks time, or a few months time.” Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt agree that season three was the turning point for the show, telling ET’s Ashley Crossan they amped up the drama in their lives for the sake of good TV.“Season three on, at least in our relationship, [the drama] was all scripted,” Montag confesses.