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Who is adrienne bailon currently dating

But even if they didn’t, they shouldn't require personal experience to empathize with the victim of revenge porn. Because it currently looks like you think what Rob did was OK. Follow Lauren on Twitter and Cosmo Celeb on Facebook.

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Those years Rob spent holed up in Khloé's guest room coincided with a period of great success for his sisters — is it a coincidence that he stopped being able to face the world when their prosperity so fully eclipsed his?Kim and Kourtney were devastated (I still get teary thinking of Kim having to tell Kourtney her photos were leaked), and the men who released explicit material were vilified, as they should have been.That's a complicated way of saying that the women in Rob's family know, in a very real and tangible way, how Chyna must be feeling.As I said before: Those issues might legitimately plague Rob, but while mental illness or substance abuse might provide an explanation for Rob's behavior, they're not an excuse. Even though Rob's family is at times a victim of his behavior — and they’re certainly not responsible for it — the fact that they haven't publicly shown their support for Chyna, even in a low-key way, is questionable.I'm not expecting them to make a massive public statement and I can understand why the threat of legal action against Rob would make them even more reluctant to do so. Go all the way back to ' first season and watch the family's response to the leak of Kim's sex tape and nude photos of Kim and Kourtney.Here’s a free list of ways to do so: Share links about how to get help if you're in an abusive relationship.

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He cheats, as he did on longtime girlfriend Adrienne Bailon.

He slut-shames, as he may have with Rita Ora, possibly accusing her of sleeping with 20 other men during their relationship.

And he always, always finds a way to be the victim, in any given situation.

According to Rob, he's just a man who wants to find a woman who will let him treat her like a queen — if only the universe would stop repaying him with bitches and whores.

I thought his actions were disgusting, don’t get me wrong, but initially, I came at the news from gentler angles: “We need to talk about Rob Kardashian's toxic masculinity” was one thought I had. He accused her of using him in the pursuit of fame.