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Web cam sex chats for free no credit card

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If you use Facebook, for instance, and your password can be guessed, then a whole load of information can be harvested about you. Have you paid a Windows tech support scammer to “remove” a “virus”?

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You should be able to get the number from your handset, or by dialing your regional “last incoming call” number.If you’re in the UK, contact Action Fraud and log a report.Scammers preying on unsuspecting computer users cannot be allowed to win this battle.Remember, they called you: this is not a safe way to conduct business!Our dedicated guide looking at the aftermath of a tech support scam call explains futher. Be it single scenes, siterips or photo sets we have access to so much material we don’t have time to go through and post everything.

If you have any specific requests post back in this thread and let us know what you’re looking for and we will see if we can find it for you.

You should also change the password for your credit card account… By giving your credit card details to the scammers to pay for their “service”, you’re also likely to give them the information they need to use your card.

By sharing the 16-digit number, the valid until date and the three-digit number on the reverse, you’ve essentially given them everything they need to steal from you.

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We suggest that in addition to hanging up and reporting the callers that you also consider abandoning your landline, if practical. Christian Cawley is Make Use Of's security and Linux editor, with extensive experience in IT desktop and software support.