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Usb flash memory updating file

usb flash memory updating file-2

Run the Monkey to make sure all software is up to date. When im trying to connect "Line 6 Pod Hd pro edit" i got a message saying: "Could not connect to Pod hd pro.

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I just plugged it in a different port and the Monkey was able to update the flash no problem. I tried using 5 different usb cables that I know all work (I use them for my studio gear) on all 11 usb ports spread between my desktop and my laptop to no avail.I am still unable to hear anything out of my computer. Thank you Sounds like you have a problem with the USB connection. The Pod becomes your soundcard when connected so you need to connect your speakers or headphones to the Pod.Check your cable, and try using different USB ports. You should use Line 6 Monkey to help you with the driver and software installations.I have already sent in a ticket, and we are trying to work something out. The computer is recognizing the HD Pro every time I plug it in. I have exactly the same problem too with my POD HD PRO X and I have tried all the suggestions above, changing USB ports, trying other USB cables etc and nothing has worked.I've had a POD HD400 for almost 2 years and it's worked flawlessly until three days ago. It seems like every single Line 6 produce I buy doesn't work flawlessly and every one of them have some sort of bug. I mean..let products out the door that aren't rock solid. What worked for me was to close Monkey and close HD Pro Edit. This has happened before but has then just spontaneously started working again, but this time it just won't work after reinstalling everything.It is frustrating to go through all the hoops of searching through FAQs and posts and support just to find out the unit you have is defective.

The only reason I gave the 500X a second chance is because of how much I liked the X3Live which was sold the day I traded it for the defective 500X.

I tried connecting the HD400 to a different computer and IT WORKS. The only thing that has changed on my previous system was I updated to the Line 6 new driver set and now, even If I uninstall the USB ports, uninstall all the Line 6 software an reinstall earlier versions of the drivers, I cant get communication back. in many instances, the ability to perform updates is a system issue that exists outside of the pod itself... I only got a prob from the latest flashware update and the computer would sometimes not see the HD500 when connected. I plugged in the USB cable, and then I was able to do a factory reset (left nav pad and power on).

I literally just got home with my POD HD500X from guitar center. no idea if that applies to you or some other scenario.... I know this is a super old thread, but I fell here after getting a used HD500X I was having problems updating, and I wanted to make sure I posted my solution. Then I fired up Line 6 Monkey and I could update the flash memory (I downloaded the update from the Line 6 software page) via where I downloaded the file to.

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I have followed every single piece of advice that line 6 provided, and none of their advice worked.