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NET developers with support for typed XML programming. NET Language Integrated Query); in particular, LINQ to XSD enhances the existing LINQ to XML technology.

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Please submit your feedback, feature suggestions and bugs into the Issue Tracker or Discussion Forum Blog Posts Here are some useful links that demonstrate the use of LINQ to Lucene: Current Release Linq To Lucene v0.61 Monday, April 2, 2012 Azure Blob Support for both Lucene indexes and entities in binary files Azure Tables Support for both Lucene indexes and entities in binary files Older Release Linq To Lucene v0.6 Monday, March 26 2012 Much refactoring and...For more information on type-converters please review either of the following article: MSDN: How to Implement a Type-Converter Older Release The Query Release Tuesday, 13 November 2007 This release provides a real focus on the querying abilities of the LINQ to Lucene project and is the first real 'working release', converting LINQ statements to Lucene queries with deferred query execution and object creation or projection.It culminates the majority of the required querying features for LINQ that Lucene provides natively. Northwnd nw = new Northwnd(@"northwnd.mdf"); // or, if you are not using SQL Server Express // Northwnd nw = new Northwnd("Database=Northwind; Server=server_name; Integrated Security=SSPI"); var company Name Query = from cust in nw. Company Name; foreach (var customer in company Name Query) ' Northwnd inherits from System. NOTE: LINQ to Twitter is now hosted on Git Hub: Go To: LINQ to Twitter on Git Hub LINQ to Twitter is an open source 3rd party LINQ Provider for the Twitter micro-blogging service.

It uses standard LINQ syntax for queries and includes method calls for changes via the Twitter API.

You can see how to materialize the query by invoking the Single operator.

For Search results, you receive one Search entity that contains information about the Search query and the Search entity contains a Results property that is a collection of Search Result entities.

Example The following query returns search results where people are tweeting about LINQ to Twitter: From a coding experience perspective, the Twitter Context type is analogous to Data Context (LINQ to SQL) or Object Context (LINQ to Entities).

You use the Twitter Context instance, twitter Ctx, to access IQueryable tweet categories.

Code Plex is shutting down, is archived to keep developing on forked repository Project Description - LINQ for Java Script Features 90 Methods Aggregate, All, Alternate, Any, Average, Buffer With Count, Cascade Breadth First, Cascade Depth First, Catch, Choice, Concat, Contains, Count, Cycle, Default If Empty, Distinct, Do, Element At, Element At Or Default, Empty, Except, Finally, First, First Or Default, Flatten, For Each, Force, From, Generate, Get Enumerator, Group By, Group Join, Index Of, Insert, Intersect, Join, Last, Last Index Of, Last Or Default, Let, Matches, Max, Max By, Memoize All, Min, Min By, Of Type, Order By, Order By Descending, Pairwise, Partition By, Range, Range Down, Range To, Repeat, Repeat With Finalize, Return, Reverse, Scan, Select, Select Many, Sequence Equal, Share, Shuffle, Single, Single Or Default, Skip, Skip While, Sum, Take, Take Except Last, Take From Last, Take While, Then By, Then By Descending, To Array, To Dictionary, To Infinity, To JSON, To Lookup, To Negative Infinity, To Object, To String, Trace, Unfold, Union, Where, Write, Write Line, Zip Get the ver.3.0.4-Beta5 @2013/06/20 or Nu Get Install-Package -Pre, linq.js-j Query -Pre, linq.js-Rx JS -Pre, linq.js-QUnit -Pre Now Type Script Generics(0.9) support!