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Updating windows 98 se

BBj FLEXLM License error: -4: Maximum number of users reached.00963: BBjservices will not install or not start on systems with low RAM such as 128MBs01078: Changing default location for tmp directory for BBj01008: Combination License FAQs00767: Command to check whether the BBj Services are running01136: Command to determine if JVM is a 32bit or 64bit JVM 01128: Configuring the IDE to use a specific complier per project01192: Configuring the Client side JVM memory01191: Configurung the BBj IDE to use an older 1.5 JVM01102: Connecting to Oracle database from BBj00967: Current BBj default ports for the various BBj servers00931: Cut/Copy/Paste in BBj under Linux OS00982: Differences between BBj Standard Edition (SE) and BBj Enterprise Edition (EE)01201: Drag-and-Drop Not Allowed Between Two Different Applications in Vista01169: Enabling java classes to be used as Client Objects in BBj01150: Encryption issue with Solaris and BBJ01228: Enterprise Manager Unable to Connect to BBj Services on Port 200201083: Equation evaluations are more strictly enforced with BBj than BBx or P501095: ERROR=69 returned when BBj PRO5 Data Server accessed incorrectly01166: Excessive Garbage Collection pause times on large BBJ installations.01048: Function Keys return question marks and/or graphics do not display correctly under Linux01131: Gui screen remains after BBj session is gone00856: Helpful Operating System Info for running Java products01199: How do I access the BBj Pro5 Data Server? 01234: Why Does My CUI Application Display Slower in a Thin Client Session than in a Terrmconsole Session?

UTL00117: Opening a /dev/lpt printer alias may return an error or the print job disappears00668: Opening a file under Novell may result in an error 18 instead of an error 12 after updating the product, OS, or client kit00377: Error 13 occurs when attempting to edit a line in IO mode00635: Reading a file on a CD returns ERROR=1300188: Error 16, TCB(10)=-46 or -49, under Unix: TCB(10)=--37 under Linux - No Record Locks Available00872: ERROR 16, TCB(10)=-46, on Unix Ware when FLCKREC is maxed00187: Error 16, TCB(10)=17, on an OPEN of a pipe under Unix00560: How to calculate the optimal value of the file's STBLEN parameter00280: Possible causes for a BBx error 1600595: TCB(10)=-4 under DOS, Too Many Open Files00584: Error 17 when trying to load a program00145: Error 17, TCB(10)=-15 or -21, when creating a file00867: Error=17 occurs if the IP Address is used instead of hostname with TCP Client00183: Setting the context for a Novell printer on the nspool alias line00146: Error 18, TCB(10)=-5, when creating files on Novell Net Ware00476: Possible reasons for an ERROR 1800636: Attempting to convert a file in _p4conv causes an Error 200721: Error 2 when reading or writing a file00206: Fine tuning Xenix/Unix00083: Error 26 at line 7060 in BXRCV00820: Error=26 in BXRCV on Line 2140 indicates bad utility set00005: ERROR=29 occurs when trying to send an escape sequence to a printer00056: "ERROR= 30 (BAD PROGRAM)", when trying to run _ddedit.utl00147: List of possible reasons for Error 3000512: Error 33 - How to free up conventional memory in DOS00020: Error 33 loading functions keys with the 'FL' mnemonic00651: ERROR 33 when creating a window via the 'WINDOW' mnemonic00482: ERROR 33 when invoking PRO/5 under UNIX00724: Error 36 Call/Enter Mismatch00042: ERROR=4 (DISK/DEVICE NOT READY) when trying to run the _utility00582: Possible reasons for an ERROR 400519: Possible reasons for an ERROR 4100650: Error 46 when executing a BBx SELECT with a SORTBY clause00007: Error 46, TCB(10)=60, on a SELECT statement00641: Possible cause of an !EXE program changed for BASIS Windows-based revision 2.0 products00250: How to capture a printer port under older versions of Windows00358: How to capture a printer port under Windows NT, Win2000, XP, Vista00410: How to change the font with a sysplot device00062: How to determine the CPI and POINT size of the SYSPRINTer's font00353: How to determine the version of Windows 9500644: How to easily change the fonts for all controls in a GUI window00629: How to find out how a Windows machine's TCP/IP stack is configured00626: How to immediately view a report that has been printed to a file00627: How to prevent BBx for Novell from destroying an existing print capture00703: How to Print to a File Using Universal Naming Convention (UNC)00701: How to revert to the older, character based model of editing a line of Visual PRO/5 code.00559: How to set the icon for the Visual PRO/5 Window00927: How to use an ampersand within the text field of a button00167: How to use the 'FONT' mnemonic/mode in a program and in an alias line for a SYSPRINT device01026: Install Sheild error: Data Transfer Error 10601076: Instructions on running Vpro5 silent install00548: Is Universal Naming Convention (UNC) support under Visual PRO/5?00394: List of used by Visual PRO/5 under Windows 9500417: List of possible SYSWINDOW modes00182: Long startup times or invocation of TCP/IP Visual PRO/5 client dials CIS or PPP server00886: Moving Visual PRO/5 from one PC to a different PC00598: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-112, Disk Full00610: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-21, drive not ready00600: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-53, bad netpath00601: MS DOS and Windows, TCB(10)=-59, unexpected network error00787: Netware client GPF's when trying to check out a license under NOVELL 5.000513: Notes on PC-Anywhere remote printing and Visual PRO/500792: Novell BASIS.Unable to connect"01237: How to handle My SQL with 0000-00-00 dates01106: MS Access Error message: The decimal field's precision is too small to accept the numeric you attempted to add.01143: Tips for BBj and using Source Forge j TDS JDBC Driver for Microsoft SQL Server and other third party JDBC Databases.01238: Unale to Get Table list BAD HEADER00898: Y2K Window value does not stay set.00796: "ISAM Error" running ODBC00649: 'Date Column Suffix' of ODBC Administrator Data Source Setup is Case Sensitive00495: 'Execute error: Invalid String Size' error when using the ODBC Driver00263: 'I/O error during save' error when creating a Data Source via Microsoft Query00288: 'No Such Table in Catalog' error with the ODBC Driver00683: [Basis ODBC Error] Sql Syntx error 100665: An SQL query in MS Access results in ' #Name?' in every field00302: Can the ODBC driver lock a record?

00864: Cannot configure the BBj ODBC driver after install00727: Debug Assertion Error after Installing ODBC Driver Rev 2.0200298: Error -7747 in MS Access00500: Error message with CTL3D32.

NLM will not load00638: Novell Client 32: Error and Update Information00607: Novell, TCB(10)-88, ERROR_OPENING_FILE00418: Obtaining information about a context in Visual PRO/500398: On Windows 3.x, executing Visual PRO/5 causes the screen to blink for a second then go away00643: Overview of how to setup the Visual PRO/5 SQL Engine to communicate with an external ODBC Driver00988: Print Preview error "Invalid argument, unable to find path to Metafile"00412: Printing a bitmap image using Visual PRO/5 1.0500677: Printing SQLTABLES(sqlchan) does not return any table names for data sources listed in the SQL.

INI file00938: PRO5DS will not load on a Mirrored Novell server system00694: Problem with Windows 98 and the Microsoft Client for Net Ware00393: Program demonstrating the use of fonts for GUI controls00389: Program example demonstrating communicating with MS Excel via DDE00390: Program example demonstrating DDE to Program Manager00391: Program example demonstrating Visual PRO/5 running a Word Perfect macro via DDE00838: Recommendations for improving performance when remotely connecting to a Windows NT 4.0 Server00368: Redirecting printer output to /dev/null under Windows 9501163: Running Vpro5 from a mapped drive in Vista00745: Sample Program Using Plottext and Pwindow to Change Font on Printed line00508: Sample Visual PRO/5 program that prints all the fonts installed on the system00853: Setting background color in a main or child window00731: Setting Multiple Row Values for the Grid Control00278: Setting SYSWINDOW to display more than 80 columns00416: Specifying a path to resource files or bitmap images00688: Status Bar Sample code00814: Switches to restrict VPRO/5's SQL engine to search native Databases or ODBC Databases.00176: Synchronous SCALL versus asynchronous SCALL00676: The Windows Dial Up Adaptor Dialog always comes up with the first connection to a Data Server00124: This version of MSVCRT40.

BB7 modified for Open Basic00096: Conversion: Open Basic to BBx notes00097: Conversion: Open Basic--another modified program00625: Converting earlier BBx applications to PRO/500382: Core dump under SCO Xenix with a template containing a float and/or double type00345: Core dumps with direct and spooled printers under SCO00362: Creating an MKEYED file with same charateristics as an existing file00127: Decription of how the FCBCACHE parameter works00463: Definition of dependent and independent indices00660: Demo program to read data from a Comma Delimited ASCII file and write the records into a BBx MKEYED file 00010: Description of MKEYED files: Bayer b-tree00123: Displaying 132 columns00111: DOS return codes are not valid00780: Dynamic linker ./pro5b cannot open /usr/lib/200052: Dynamic mkeyed file grows disproportionately large00113: EKB and loading edit keys with a DOS BBx00069: Escape sequence to force a laser printer to print double-sided copies00848: Establishing Socket Connections00801: Explanation of FLEXlm Licensing vs Foreground Background sessions of older Releases01118: Flexlm -1 on Sun Solaris00977: FLEXlm -3 No server for this feature01105: Flex LM error -8, Invalid (inconsistent) license key using BASIS License Manager version 1000079: General Instructions for Conversions00025: General overview for 'FL', 'EL', ! TERMS, STBL00205: Ghostly Tales From the BBx Crypt - A Look at Ghost Tasks in Depth00347: Graphic characters are are not displayed properly under SCO Openserver 500213: Graphic device alias line example01006: Graphic, termcap, Font and attribute issues with Red Hat Linux 800679: How to access 4 Gigabyte Files with PRO/5 2.000276: How to access Unix printers from a TCP/IP client00237: How to add new users to an existing BBx license prior to PRO/5 Rev 2.1x00195: How to bypass the I/O buffer when writing to a pipe00361: How to calculate the size of an MKEYED file00488: How to change the name and location of the output file created by Pro5cpl00578: How to change Visual PRO/5's window colors so it looks like a PRO/5 for DOS00067: How to create a printer alias, with examples for an HP laser jet00013: How to determine the lockbyte used for a file00189: How to determine what the TCB(10) values mean under the Unix operating system00012: How to export your BBx data files to ASCII00053: How to find out what level a BBx program is saved as01031: How to force all lower case charcters using INPUTE00628: How to improve READ/WRITE time to an ASCII file00137: How to load the Net Ware Client Kit VLMs into conventional memory00192: How to prevent escape codes from showing up in an application when using function keys00558: How to print an alignment page00282: How to print images via a non-Windows BBx00209: How to print multiple copies via a Unix printer alias line00016: How to READ backwards after hitting the end of a mkeyed file00017: How to READ the last key in an alternate non-unique chain00800: How to resolve FLEXlm Error -5 with 2 products using a License Manager00220: How to setup the CONFIG.

BBX file for pseudo tty's00680: How to tell if PRO/5 2.0x for Unix is SQL Enabled00493: How to transfer program and data files from Unix to DOS (and vice versa)00106: IBMCOM1.

So what is it about the Technical Preview that makes it unsuitable to replace your main operating system or for private use? Apart from being error-prone, the software might be insecure or cause your computer to crash. Some users reported it takes a long time to start up, others noticed that the new Continuum feature doesn’t work flawlessly all the time, and apparently some modern apps fail to function properly.