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Updating old farmhouse plumbing

updating old farmhouse plumbing-78

The papers on the left are the original wiring diagrams that were stapled to the inside of the console. All of the electronics were very nicely integrated into these consoles. During the yard sale, while trying to convince people to buy the stereo, we convinced ourselves to restore the console ourselves.That meant tearing out the old hardware and replacing it with all new electronics, building custom racks for the electronics, and manufacturing some fake doors for the front panel.

After a few months, we decided to sell the console in a yard sale.The black strip above the receiver is a power conditioner.It has 8 outlets on the back and a single power switch on the front.Cost, Time, and Skills: This project took me a couple of weeks of evenings after work and weekends.It was a tough but exciting project because I didn’t really know what I was going to do with the electronics at first.Electronics need plenty of airflow and can easily overheat if you don’t give them enough space.

That’s why there are lots of holes in your equipment.

Be extra careful with that as I’m sure it voids your warranty.

In the photo above, you can also see how I used 1×1 lumber to create a small border around the receiver’s faceplate.

After the old hardware was removed, I had to figure out what new hardware to purchase and how to fit it all into the console. At some point in the future, we’re thinking of installing some speakers in the back yard or on the front porch and running wires through the attic and walls to the console. You can see that I removed even more of the paneling from the console, leaving only the very outside frame. My next challenge was to custom build a rack for the receiver.

We decided we’d like to have a record player and multiple other inputs so we bought a Yamaha stereo receiver with two sets of speaker outputs. We also decided to include a subwoofer to fill out the sound and shake the floorboards. The new electronics hardware, having not been made for this purpose, just didn’t fit in the same space as the original. It was tough because the receiver was designed to sit flat on a shelf and I wanted to hang it vertically.

Here’s the console fully functional, but not cosmetically finished.