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Two geminis dating each other

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Individuals born into his zodiac bear the symbol of the Twins and rightly too, considering their dizzying duality of personality and temperament.

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One will never know when the other might decide to stay back at the office and put in some extra hours of work or extend a night-out with the guys/girls to a weekend out-of-town trip.Partners from a host of signs like the Taurus, Leo, Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Scorpio will be completely unable to understand the Twins’ need for breathing space in a relationship and the freedom to be allowed to go and come as they please.To others this will only indicate an incapacity for loyalty but to another Gemini, this is an inherent expression of their freedom-loving personalities.The fact that they thrive on variety and are constantly on the lookout for newer experiences can also be attributed to the mutable quality of their zodiac sign. Then again Geminis are children of Air because of which they thrive in a world of ideas, exchanging information and opinions in conversation and exceedingly curious to know about people and places.In fact their verbal skills is one of the foremost attributes of this sign and a Gemini is quite capable of using this to impress, sell, negotiate and even manipulate should the need arise.As a result prior plans made by the couple could go haywire or the next day’s schedule thrown in disarray.

The Gemini’s innate impetuosity might more than once spill over to a dangerous impulsiveness which will make it difficult for either to depend on each other.

One of the most fundamental traits they share is a love of new places, people and interests.

They will be happy to go for a movie today and then bob-sledding tomorrow.

They are adept at saying one thing and meaning something entirely else.

While to some this may appear as inconstancy, it is more an evidence of the multiplicity of the roles, activities and moods they enjoy.

Intellectual companionship is what they are actually looking for in all their experimentations withrelationships.