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Twitter not updating tweets

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You can also tell us to filter out any username that contains certain text or character strings, which you define.

Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied users today! You will probably agree that it's a bit of a pain to manually delete DMs from your Inbox, especially since they accumulate so quickly.Instruct the system to maintain the list at a size of your choice (up to a maximum 500 Twitter accounts), and the system will automatically rotate out the oldest entries when it adds new ones to the list.Configure the finder so that it will look only for Twitter users that conform to your specific criteria.No need to rush or find online access just to login to Facebook and post a time-sensitive update.Schedule it in our system and we will make sure that it gets on Facebook at the right time. Our application uses the secure Facebook Connect technology, as provided by Facebook, to perform the tasks you request on your account.As long as your blog has one of the following remote publishing APIs, you can schedule posts for it: Tumblr, Word Press API (and self-hosted), meta Weblog API, Movable Type API, Blogger API, and Atom API.

In addition to writing and scheduling blog posts, you can also grab one or more (in fact as many as you like) RSS feed(s) and automatically create blog post entries from the entries on the RSS feed(s).

You can filter on following-to-follower ratio, number of friends, number of followers, age of the account, number of tweets, and much more.

Set up words and phrases that you consider as SPAM and we will automatically ignore any user that has those words in its profile bio or latest tweet.

For example, you could define a keyword of "@yourusername" (which will find people who mention you) and create a private list called "Mentioned Me", which you connect to that keyword.

Friend Finder will then add the people who mention you to your Mentioned Me list.

Keep the shares on your Linked In profile and Linked In Company Page ticking over with interesting content for your connections.