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Similar to extended aftercare, but with the intent to build Auctions can be held for many reasons: to raise funds for an event, a new piece of equipment, repairs, benefit for a charity or a needy member, or—fun!

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bladder/bowel control: (1) Requiring the submissive to ask permission before toileting.(2) Training the submissive to be able to eliminate in the Dominant’s presence, or even while being fondled.blood play: (See cutting or blood sports) The drawing of blood during play.Simulating the bridle of a horse, such bits are often used inpony sheet party: An orgy for people into BDSM sex.Depending on the intensity of the scene and the nature of the participants, aftercare may be very important to one or both participants in order to prevent later emotional aftereffects.

Aftercare may consist of some or all of the following components: Being away from noise, activity, bright light; physical closeness and touching with the partner; hydration with water or sport drink; keeping warm.

Most people think of slave auctions, but they may also be of donated “toys,” dungeon time, or the services of someone with special skills; for example, a rope bondage session, sensuous massage, tailoring, lawn service, etc.

auralism: a fetish consisting of sexual arousal or excitement caused by sound, to be compared with voyeurism.

anal torture (also see figging): Inflicting pain on the anus. anilingus: an activity involving oral sex with another person’s anus.

animal play: (see pet play, ponygirl , ponyboy, pup-play) The sub behaves and/or dresses like an animal.

bagging: Suffocation using a (mostly or always) clear bag over someone’s head, as a turn on.