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Once in I would be able to look over at the screen and using the remote zoom in -- or out!

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Intrigued or obsessed by the gape, I inserted my index finger, then added my middle finger. please daddy no ..." Her body squirmed, eyelids fluttered, she appeared to be awakening. Carefully but swiftly withdrew my fingers and my other hand from her pussy. I turned Granny onto her stomach, spread her scrawny buttocks and bowed to my self prescribed task.Feedback says there are people out there who want more.Ask for more and you massage my ego, in return I will endeavour to write more.All the while, between orgasms there were periods of stillness, when Granny snored gently having returned to deeper sleep.It was this gentle snoring that took my attention back to granny's parted lips, the inviting portal to her warm wet mouth.(when we watched the playback Granny asked me, "Were you that bored? When I opened my eyes, I thought it had only been a prolonged blink.

As if to affirm this, I tried once again to get my thumb into Granny's anus, really I was only half aware of this, until I watched the video playback.

Granny cried out in pain, this I think brought me back to full consciousness.

It was obvious to me that Granny's arse could be stretched no further, not without the risk of her tearing.

AWAKENING -- AFTER THE NIGHT BEFORE I had not expected to fall asleep with one hand in Granny's pussy and four fingers of the other hand stretching her anus.

The camcorder bore witness to the fact that I did fall asleep for twelve minutes forty-three seconds.

It was not until I was enthusiastically frigging her with three fingers that she reacted. My hands under her belly raised her hips exposing her arsehole, allowing my tongue better access. I gently I ran my tongue around the raised bruised muscle that framed her gaping anus..