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Check out careers at Royal Caribbean or Carnival Cruise Lines.

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Well known jumping off points include Darwin, Phuket, San Diego and Panama.I’d suggest getting a certificate in technical writing and a few clients under your belt before you hit the road.Starting pay is about $25/hour for North American gigs for native English speakers, but experienced writers and editors can earn $60 an hour or more.You’ll be putting in a lot of work (trust us on this) as you build your blog.Even if your blog becomes well known, you’ll need great business sense and a way to stand out from the crowd before you start bringing in any income.We volunteered as yacht crew for evening cruises at the yacht club in Brisbane and found the club and captains to be friendly and open to our help.

Traditional freelance travel writing is a tough gig.

That said, you can still score some great flights while being paid.

Airline employees often get substantial discounts on airfare for themselves and their family.

Even irritatingly talented writers struggle as travel writers.

Cruise ships hire all sorts of folks, from entertainers to waiters to cooks.

Click here check out his book on getting a job on a cruise line.