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Tips for dating a triathlete

Instead, could you do shorter distance triathlons or train for a half marathon/marathon instead, which doesn’t take up as much time or require 2 workouts per day?Find other ways to channel your fitness passions without sacrificing the most important part of your life: the person you love.

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Know that the reason they sometimes show disdain for what you are doing is because it is taking you away from the time you would or could be otherwise spending with them.Do you have any tips or advice for dealing with this challenge?I participated in my first Half Ironman last year at Lake Stevens, Washington and I was relieved to hear others share their struggles balancing family life with triathlon training.Because at the end of the day, participating in IRONMAN races isn’t going to be worthwhile if no one is waiting for you at the finish line.More ways to connect with r Unladylike: Twitter: @r Unladylike Facebook: https:// Instagram: Daily Mile: Pinterest: D/ Follow r Unladylike with Bloglovin Have you ever struggled with balancing training and racing with your personal relationships?One small question led to a comment, and then another, until the flood gates opened and many of us were talking about the strain competitive swimming, biking and running can have on our relationship with our significant others who don’t share our same passion for endurance sports.

I’ve heard story after story from friends and people I know who feel constant guilt, have thought their marriage was near divorce, have experienced bitterness … From my own personal experience, training for a long distance triathlon has its sacrifices and consequences. r Unladylike has felt like he was taking a backseat to my training, and at times, felt my priorities were very out of whack.

I realized how widespread this problem is and how deep it’s felt by so many athletes training for IRONMAN last fall.

As I trained for the Beach2Battleship Half Iron Triathlon alongside many friends training for a full IRONMAN, we began to open up.

But no one wants anyone else to know that their relationship isn’t always perfect. Here are my 4 tips to help return the butterflies and rainbows back into your triathlon-affected relationships. To have a healthy relationship with your significant other and your family, you should always consult with them before signing up for a long distance triathlon to make sure it’s a decision everyone can support.

No one wants others to know they’ve unintentionally hurt their significant others’ feelings or put their quest for IRONMAN before the emotional needs of the people they love. You’re going to need them emotionally and physically to help you reach your goals and to get through the intense training cycles together.

I love this- obviously I am a newbie but Ben and I actually sat down and had some serious conversations before I decided I was going to start getting into triathlons.