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Get information about Hotels and Registering your teams by visiting the adidas Windy City Qualifier event page.Indoor CAP I and II in East Peoria, IL USA Volleyball and Eastside Volleyball Club are hosting the Indoor CAP I and II at Eastside Center in East Peoria, IL 11/4/2017 - 11/5/2017.

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addidas Windy City National Qualifier Information Links and information for the adidas Windy City National Qualifier are available on our website!In her 1990 book, From Masculine To Feminine And All points In Between, Jennifer Anne Stevens defined she-male as "usually a gay male who lives full-time as a woman; a gay transgenderist." French professor John Phillips writes that shemale is "a linguistic oxymoron that simultaneously reflects but, by its very impossibility, challenges [gender] binary thinking, collapsing the divide between the masculine and the feminine." Trans author Leslie Feinberg writes, "'he-she' and 'she-male' describe the person's gender expression with the first pronoun and the birth sex with the second.The hyphenation signals a crisis of language and an apparent social contradiction, since sex and gender are 'supposed' to match." Sex researchers Mildred Brown and Chloe Rounsley said, "She-males are men, often involved in prostitution, pornography, or the adult entertainment business, who have undergone breast augmentation but have maintained their genitalia." According to Professors Laura Castañeda and Shannon Campbell at the University of Southern California's Annenberg School of Journalism, "Using the term she-male for a transsexual woman would be considered highly offensive, for it implies that she is working 'in the [sex] trade.' It may be considered libelous." According to sex columnist Regina Lynn, "Porn marketers use 'she-male' for a very specific purpose — to sell porn to straight guys without triggering their homophobia — that has nothing to do with actual transgendered people (or helping men overcome their homophobia, either)." According to sex columnist Sasha, "The term shemale is used in this setting to denote a fetishized sexual persona and is not typically used by transgendered women outside of sex work.Safe Sport Helpline The United States Center for Safe Sport announced the launch of a 24-hour victim services helpline, which will be operated in partnership with the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN), the nation’s largest anti-sexual violence organization.The Safe Sport Helpline will provide crisis intervention, referrals and emotional support specifically designed for athletes, staff and other sport participants affected by sexual assault.For more information about this event, please visit the CAP I and II in East Peoria, IL event page.

USAV Uniform Requirements & Reminders Links to the new Uniform Requirements and Reminders PDF are now available.

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Please note that any reproduction or re-use should credit the appropriate American Cancer Society Breast Cancer Facts & Figures publication and include a statement of copyright and identify the data source used.

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Gynandromorphy is a term of Greek etymology which means to have some of the body morphology and measurements of both an average woman and man.