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When you come to a point at which your wounds have healed, you are ready to make a decision.There is only one decision you have to make: The decision to do everything in your power to learn how to start dating again.

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No matter if you just come out of a long-term relationship and you unlearned how to date women or if you live a single life that can be best described as a never-ending dry spell, you have the right to ask yourself how to start dating again.In order to successfully seduce women you have to knock your inner game into shape. No, the first step that leads you back on the dating track has nothing to do with you going out, wiping away your tears and approaching the first girl while still thinking about your ex.Not only would this lead to one rejection after another (or maybe even a sympathy shag), but it also wouldn’t be good for your personal development.If you quit when it gets tough, you have absolutely It might, but it is the truth.If you have been out of the game for quite a long time you have to learn all the things you have already forgotten.Before you succeed in something you have to fail a few times…

If your motivation only lasts until the first woman rejects you, you will never learn how to start dating again.

Most single guys out there aren’t happy, even if they try to convince their friends and family from the opposite.

Most single guys don’t have the guts to approach and seduce women.

It is your choice if you are willing to take the necessary steps, including the steps that I’ve just mentioned, that lead to a fulfilling dating life after a long time of absence.

I can give you a guideline of what you should do, but you are the one who must decide if it is worth to make the effort to go back in the dating game. I also know that my decision to learn how to start dating again after my break-up is the main reason why it is possible for you to read this article now.

In such a situation you carry a lot of negative emotions in form of pain, fears and resentment with you.