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Speed dating events in north carolina

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idk how family friendly this is but its the most fun thing ive ever done (sober) as an adult 🙂 Likes: skating, festivals, vacations, my family Derby Heroes: Lenore Gore, Xena the Badass Name Inspiration: picture it: Turkey day, 2010.Dad & i discussing name ideas…told him something to pay tribute to his catching “Criminal minds” type-people profession. Ryder’s movies…words just fell out 🙂 Food Before A Bout: Grilled cheese!

But that beautiful moment when it FINALLY happened after all that hard work… Likes: Positivity and encouragement, hip checking your friends, beer Dislikes: Smelly derby pads, cold weather, giving up Name Inspiration: It’s a reference to the movie Pacific Rim; Mako Mori is the best and I love her.😉 Birthday: February 20: You can send presents to my PO Box (: Height: Brick House! Awards: “The Sassiest Hawk”, “Player With The Goofiest Faces”, “CRG Token Mixed Girl”.Joined CRG: April 2015 Skate: Ridell She-Devils Cross Training: yoga addict!) & I was hooked after first practice 🙂 No matter what life throws at u, u can always Skate It Out!!!Sports Background: ex-Ballerina/band geek Favorite Derby Memory: Rollin up at the NJ Renegades bout (9/2011) blasting Where Eagles Dare !!!Best Fresh Meat Moment: I wore thin tights to my level one assessments.

When I did my first baseball slide on the wooden floor of the Skate Ranch, the tights ripped and the sound of my bare skin sliding on the wood echoed in the rink.

(So really it’s mah-ko, but I’m not bothered if you want to pronounce it like the shark.

That’s cool too.) If you could have any super power, what would it be? Joined CRG: April 2014 Teams You’ve Played For: Carolina All-Stars, Carolina Bootleggers, Durham Crash Favorite Location: CRG Warehouse Favorite Surface: Concrete Skate: Riedell She-Devils with Powerdine plates and low boy wheels Cross Training: Running, yoga, Stroller Strides (mommy and me workout class) Debut: Carolina Bootleggers vs Greensboro September 2014 How did you find derby?

Likes: Bookstores, David Tennant, Java Script, approaching life with a childlike sense of wonder, absurdity Dislikes: the Ben Stiller movie “Duplex” Name Inspiration: Ash Ketchum – he’s the underdog, but bravely and creatively faces challenges no matter the odds! Joined CRG: October 2014 Teams You’ve Played For: Carolina Bootleggers, Raleigh Ruckus Favorite Surface: Concrete!

If you could have any super power, what would it be? Skate: Reidell Blue Streaks How did you find derby? My husband told me I should try it out, but I was hesitant.

Charlotte B-Dazzlers, March 2015 Teams You’ve Played For: Carolina Bootleggers, Durham Crash Favorite Location: Dorton Arena Favorite Surface: Concrete How did you find derby?