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Answer your child's questions in an open, honest, and age-appropriate way.Make sure that your child gets the help and support he needs to deal with difficult emotions.

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Yes, the game is played slightly differently when you start dating after having kids, but it is still the same game.If you are a single mom or dad, there are 10 things you can do to help minimize the stress in your life -- and bring back the joy of parenting.Get a handle on finances: Raising a family on one income, or relying on an ex-spouse for child support, can be one of the hardest aspects of parenting alone.One of every four American children today lives in a single-parent home.And though the circumstances may vary (some parents are divorced, others are widowed, and others are single parents by choice), the reality is that solo parenting is often stressful, demanding, and hectic.Be consistent with discipline: Children thrive when they know which behaviors are expected of them and which rules they need to follow.

If you are divorced or separated, work with your spouse to create and observe consistent rules and methods of discipline (there's nothing more stressful than having one parent undermine the other).

Take time for your children: Even though the piles of laundry and dirty dishes may beckon, set aside time each day to enjoy your kids.

(After all, isn't that what parenting is all about?

Take time for yourself: Likewise, it's important to schedule time for yourself.

Even if it's something as simple as reading a book, taking a warm bath, or having a chat with a friend, setting aside a little personal time will give you a chance to refuel.

(If you ever question your day-to-day achievements, just make a list.) If you're feeling guilty about a divorce or other disruption in your home life, think about joining a support group for other divorced parents.