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Then, scanning through the returns on "Rebel Swamp Women of the Ozarks" this supposed boffo box office winner in the C-grade movie houses south of the Mason-Dixon line was being pummeled in ticket receipts after a few southern hillbilly evangelists decided it was 'Immoral exploitation of young Louisianian and Floridian women-folk." "Goddam yokels. He swore in Yiddish a little less louder than his last exclamation then mashed the call button on his office intercom. Then standing up to her full 4 foot 11 inches with a chestful of crumpled and ill-sorted papers she coughed a little to get her boss's attention. Lighting up a fat Cubano cigar from a box on his desk he inhaled and repeated his query. "And I want no interruptions...absolutely no interruptions full goddam stop for say," looking at the clock on his office mantelpiece "the next 90 minutes." "Yes Mr Stern sir." "No phone calls, no visitors, no problems...nothing."Miss Sneevely, could you please come in here right NOW." Barking his command like a short order cook telling a customer that the burger was supposed to be charcoal black, the head of the most notorious Poverty Row B-Grade movie studio in Hollywood made certain that his secretary would come running. Now get outta here and send in the applicant." Stern's door closed behind the disappearing figure of his assistant, and for a few moments he had the opportunity to take a few more puffs on his cigar, run a polka dot handkerchief over his balding forehead and dust off his suit.

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Before we get to the actual acting audition though tell me about yourself.Instead it was curled a little like Betty Grable's. Her pouting lips were not too full and the woman was neither mean nor too liberal with the lipstick.She had a subtle perfume on that mingled most pleasingly with the smoke from his Cubano.Before the attractive woman could speak Panogram's head stood and indicated a huge lounge next to a fully stocked bar over to the left of the office entrance. " Pouring himself a stiff gin and tonic Stern smiled down to his latest potential 'star'. I can't abide the taste of alcohol sir." As he pulled the cap off a cherry soda that he found in the bar's ice box Fred was musing on the beauty before him."Take a seat my dear," Stern asked in a firm but polite tone "and let me join you." Puffing on his cheap Cubano-knock off the studio boss walked around his desk. Her voice was a little breathless, sounding like one of those consumptives he used to know when he was a kid back in New York round the turn of the century.Your husband got an interest in your plans to be a movie star? " came back Norma's reply, uttered somewhere in between a soft whisper and a fiery proclamation. " Norma leaned closer to the sixty-something man who held her destiny in his hands.

"He's too busy with his sailing stuff," at which Norma blinked back the genesis of a tear "and he doesn't actually know I'm here in Hollywood. "I want to be like Jane Russell and Jean Harlow and Linda Darnell.

There were some very good cheesecake shots from magazines like 'Laff' and 'Peek' and 'US Camera'.

One photo was particularly promising, displaying the honey sitting next to him on a beach, her face lit up by a big smile, her long legs stretched like a gazelle's, and her left arm curled up over her tits which were hidden in a green bikini top.

In your own words." Stern put down his glass and the photos and stared with paternal intensity at the woman.

If she was too shy, too keen or too secretive he'd kick her out even if she was the sexiest thing he'd seen in years.

She did, carefully but quickly opening the solid door that separated his little empire from the outer world. The intercom buzzed again and he answered by stamping a stubby nicotine stained thumb on the appropriate button .