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I mentioned to him about taking me to the beach and he apologized and said he didn't think he would have the time.

We drove to the Carolinas in our car and after we got there his company gave him a car to drive back and forth to work. The only big difference from home were the number of black people and how all the black men stared at me it made me extremely nervous but no one bothered me.Everything seemed great and our sex life was good but as I said I didn't have much experience at all.About a week after school got out my husband found out that he had to go to the Carolinas for about 6 weeks to help start up a new plant there and that the company was willing to rent him an apartment there so I could go with him.I panicked and got off at the first exit not wanting to call my husband because he would be very furious I decided to see if I could get it fixed ,at the stop sign I noticed steam coming from under the hood.I noticed a sign for a convenient store 1 mile with an arrow pointing in the direction.It was ok but I had not made any friends and there was not much to do and my husband didn't want me going out anywhere by myself and he still hadn't taken me to the beach.

After the first couple of weeks they fell behind schedule and my husband had to work very long hours.

My husband and I have been married a little over six months, I am 22 years old have just finished my first year as an elementary school teacher and my husband is 29 and works with a large firm that sells products all over the world.

I was raised in the Midwest (Iowa to be exact) in a small farming community where everyone seemed to know everybody and after I graduated college last year got a job at the elementary school there teaching second grade.

I was class president my senior year and also homecoming queen.

I never dated anyone I was serious about until I met my husband he is very good looking and successful and is very good to me the only thing he is very jealous and protective of me.

I was excited to find out that it was only about an hour away and it was just about all interstate.