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Many are calling on authorities to come down hard on the people who uploaded the video for public viewing.There were rumours on social media that the female student had committed suicide after the footage was uploaded.

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Das Video wurde von Facebook umgehend gelöscht, kann aber noch im Internet gefunden werden.Der Internetkonzern argumentierte vor Gericht, die geforderten Daten lägen nicht mehr vor, da das betreffende Nutzerkonto gelöscht worden sei.Der Ex-Freund der jungen Frau bestreitet laut Medienberichten, das Video hochgeladen zu haben.Police spokesperson Ana Naisoro expressed anger at the upload of the video.She said: “The person who uploaded this video clearly has a sick sense of humour, thinking that sharing such videos is a way to gain instant popularity and likes on social media.Es gebe auf Facebook "keinen Platz für solche Inhalte".

Der betreffende Account sei "vollständig gelöscht worden, bevor wir eine Bitte um Nutzerdaten bekamen, deshalb wurden alle Daten darüber, die uns vorlagen, von unseren Servern entfernt".

The crime Crowson is charged with was created by the Texas Legislature in 2015, and was made a felony crime during the 2017 legislative session as part of a proposal to strengthen the state’s laws against human trafficking. He was no longer in custody of the Galveston County jail as of Thursday afternoon.

Police are investigating a sex video allegedly involving two students.

However, the Fiji Sun has been reliably informed that the report was false. Meanwhile, the emergence of the video comes hot on the heels of the exposure of 900 nude images of young local women in a Dropbox file.

Fiji Women’s Crisis Centre Coordinator Shamima Ali encouraged victims to speak out after the exposure.

A 15-year-old Dickinson High School student Monday told an assistant principal that a video of her performing oral sex was being shared by students, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by The Daily News.