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they arent filling up the harddrive and slowing down the computer. and its not high def so its not a magnifying glass its a veil.

then files within that folder can be named whatever because i know the general idea of whats going on :) uhh my process for working is maybe how a painter would work.i just use youtube as a tool, i cant say i am like "philosophically" into it. but i have to say though that the comments are a special gift.always a highlight to get them because they are really real. theyre all over the board, its more much intersting and more reflective of the internet and what its about and its more constructive and useful. In an interview from 2008 you talk about making lists upon lists of ideas on your computer and then going on to lose them in folders with incomprehensible names in the computer - but a sense of spontaneity and a concern for the day-to-day interactions with technology really seems to be a hallmark of your work.6,7,8,9,10,11~ VERY YOUNG ~ EXTREME HARD ~ SECRETS ~ UNCENSORED [Videos01] [Videos02] [Videos03] [Videos04] [Videos05] [Videos06] [Videos07] [Videos08] [Videos09] [Videos10] [Videos11] [Videos12] BEST_QUALITY_VIDEOS!!! Sweet Strawberry will be a real pleasant surprise for you - enjoy!also i can see myself and i dont need any help to film the webcam video, i can see myself an what i am doing so then i can see what is failing / working.

A great deal of your video work is posted on Youtube, often practically right alongside the videos that seem to inspire some of your performances (from random vloggers to the ubiquitous home videos of people dancing and lip-syncing).

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i dont really work on big "projects" for the most part.

i haven't figured out how to work like that without becoming overwhelmed.

What is your process when making work that makes it beyond that initial 'list' stage?