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The main objective of the Black Hand was the creation, by means of violence, of a Greater Serbia.

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“I want to build my life there, and continue my education,” he said.When this failed, Dimitrijevic turned his attention to General Oskar Potiorek, Governor of the Austrian provinces of Bosnia-Herzegovina.Dimitrijevic recruited Muhamed Mehmedbasic to kill Potiorek with a poisoned dagger.This organisation prefers terrorist action to cultural activities; it will therefore remain secret." Dragutin Dimitrijevic, who used the codename, Apis, established himself as the leader of the Black Hand.In 1911 he sent a member to assassinate Emperor Franz Josef.The two teenage boys said the warehouse was their only choice and they feared deportation if they looked for shelter at state-run migrant centers.

However, Dragan Velimirovic, who runs Serbia’s largest refugee center near Adaševci village, about 113 kilometers (70 miles) west of Belgrade, said such fears were unfounded.

If you go to school, they plant bombs and kill people.’ We decided that I should leave,” he said in the small room he shares with a 12-year-old boy at the Belgrade warehouse.

His bed, a dirty rug on a concrete floor, is in stark contrast to the heated, government-run refugee centers where some 6,600 migrants live, mostly women and children.

“It is very often difficult to reach and protect them,” she told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

Serbia, which is not part of the European Union, was a focal point for migrants last year, when hundreds of thousands of migrants traveled through the Balkans to reach Western Europe.

The United Nations children’s agency UNICEF has said children who rely on human smugglers to move through Europe, often under a “pay as you go system”, are prone to exploitation and violence, including prostitution and rape. N.’s refugee agency says, with around 1,100 people, mainly Afghans, sheltering in abandoned warehouses in Belgrade.