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Personally, I agree more with you, that it's not really appropriate.

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I may be overreacting massively but it is bothering me.I wouldn't like it but it's a personal choice thing.My ex always kissed my BF on the lips, even when I asked him not to, my DH though never has done. I would probably fall out of love with someone regarding something like this as it shows he would be too different of a person to me.If the cleft does not affect the palate structure of the mouth, it is referred to as cleft lip.Cleft lip is formed in the top of the lip as either a small gap or an indentation in the lip (partial or incomplete cleft), or it continues into the nose (complete cleft).Lip cleft can occur as a one-sided (unilateral) or two-sided (bilateral) condition.

It is due to the failure of fusion of the maxillary and medial nasal processes (formation of the primary palate). Cleft palate occurs in about one in 700 live births worldwide.

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