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There is no point in discussing issues if no solution is going to be presented.

This means that there are certain principles to live by and it takes certain skills to be able to carry out those principles in daily life.The first thing you will decide together is whether or not the program can work for you and your spouse.Not all programs are created equal, and Relationship Rescue Academy wants to make sure they are giving you the very best that suits your need, not theirs.After the retreat, there will be a time for you to keep in touch with them for questions on recommended homework you were given and help ensure you are on still on the path toward a new atmosphere in your marriage.Meals, lodging and travel are not included in the price of the retreat. You may opt for a private one-on-one retreat with Dr. But the degree to which he is with you varies a great deal.Following that discussion, there will be a time of action where the two work through exercises that will allow you to begin to deal with some of the underlying problems. It is when the most heated of all issues are uncovered and dealt with between the to of you.

Day Three is a review of what has been learned and a plan of action for what need to be done for the future of the relationship.

This first hand experience combined with their years of academic research and work make them a great choice to work with you one on one when dealing with your marriage issues.

Because there are no other couples, this three-day experience is solely focused on you and your spouse and your specific needs as a couple.

Secondly, you will decide on the amount of time both you and your in-take counselor feel you need to best resolve all of your current issues within your marriage. This is a time for you and your spouse to deal solely with each other and your counselor. Your counselor at is a three-day personalized marriage intensive retreat founded by Israel Helfand, Ph D, MS, LMFT, CST and his wife, Cathie Helfand, MS, MFT.

Once this has been decided, you will go away together for your specified time for a private one-on-one counseling experience with a licensed, master level counselor. The great thing about getting therapy from a married couple whose been married for over 25 years is that they've likely experienced many of the same issues that's probably hindering your relationship.

Examples of the principles to live by are: is a 4-day engaging retreat for couples of all kinds.