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Ellen Dubin plays a young school teacher, Amanda Jenkings, who moved with her son to a Native Cree community.

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Starring is Gemini nominated Ellen Dubin (series regular Leo award-winning The Collector, cult Sundance hit Napoleon Dynamite, Blood Ties, Dead Zone and a recurring role on LEXX), Marcello Cabezas (Leo and Choke award-winning Bravo!Ellen is in the following episodes - DUELING HOTTIES and BEAR IN MY HAIR (Episodes Two and Four) Links for Hank Williams - First Nation: Official Website IMDb Ellen in this wonderful short film, finished Nov. It is a lovely tale of fate and love, shot in Toronto.Ellen says, "It was mostly shot outdoors in the bitter cold, but I had a great time!Pete, the wacky Lost & Found manager, throws some humour and wisdom into the mix.Marcello Cabezas, Producer and brain-child behind the project, has been gathering this troupe for over a year.Ellen has finished shooting in Hamilton, Ontario her first episode of Black Hole High and it is called "Equation" Ep. She plays Coach Carson, the basketball coach of the girl's team for this kids, Sci-Fi series.

, but I will hopefully be caught up by at Friday of this week [10/23/15].

Each fan has their own list of MOTW episodes for newbies to check out.

The list below is NOT a comprehensive list of every MOTW episode; some of them don’t fall under the Horror category.

Probably somewhere in the retrospective I’ve been super-slow in completing.

More than a few of the best MOTW episodes in the following list were written by Vince Gilligan, who is best known to fans as the writer-creator of the critically-acclaimed television shows Saul, both filmed in Albuquerque, New Mexico (city shout-out! He’s written some of the best episodes pf the series that range from hilarious to horrifying. Each episode below has a short synopsis and some have additional thoughts from yours truly (“The Host,” anyone? If you’ve never seen an episode or were never a follower of the series, you don’t have to worry about understanding the main alien mythology arc that comprises 80% of the show.

Hank Williams First Nation - The Series continues the stories first brought to life in AARON JAMES SORENSEN'S critically acclaimed 2005 feature film 'HANK WILLIAMS FIRST NATION." The half-hour series is a collection of stories capturing the unique charms, the character, and the quirky humour of Wapahoo - a fictitious remote Cree community.