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All of Lisa's energy makes no progress, like a tire spinning in mud.

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But while incarcerated, Reggie learned how to become a really successful criminal, making friends with members of organized crime who explained the synergistic benefits of combining drugs with human trafficking and prostitution.This is a family reassigned to Lisa's supervision due to child neglect - a 38-year-old single mother with three children.It has been a long day and Lisa looks forward to returning home and starting the weekend even though her husband, Doug, is on deployment in Afghanistan and she will be alone.Shaquanda hasn't bothered telling DCF yet that she recently sent her children to live with their aunt. Her dark hair in braids with costly extensions and bright red beads at their ends pendulously swings with the movement of her head. Lisa tries being diplomatic, "No, no, you don't understand. Her mother, a hopeless drug addict, left Shaquanda to roam the streets at an early age. Uncle Joe couldn't get erections, so he paid Shaquanda and her other female friends to do things to each other while he watched.He woke her many nights touching her private places and she discovered she preferred girls to boys.Ya can come in." Lisa enters the dingy, rundown apartment, musty air filling her sinuses. He likes young, white pussy and never misses opportunities to nail it, but this girl can be a professional model with her figure and face.

The walls -- originally white, but yellowed by age and grease -- need painting. " "I need to interview your children," Lisa coolly replies. She fits his target profile with the clean, virtuous look magazine ads attempt to capture.

Shaquanda drapes herself in expensive gold jewelry: rings on several fingers and thick chain necklaces.

"Hi Shaquanda, may I come in to check the kids and their home environment today? If you don't let me the DCF could take your children into protective custody," Lisa warns.

Wearing an attractive, black pantsuit with grey pinstripes, her loud heels announce her approach as she travels the walkway to the apartment. Growing up in a white, middle class neighborhood, Lisa has had limited exposure to blacks prior to taking this job. Light brown eyes and a golden complexion combined with an aquiline nose hint at Hispanic or European influence somewhere in her ancestry.

Like many young people, Lisa has plans for the future and wants to make a positive difference in the world. She is medium build -- not fat but definitely thick and muscular.

Lisa musters all her strength, summoning every muscle in her body, but can't break free from Reggie's viselike embrace. "Ooooh, look what we has here," Shaquanda says pulling Lisa's pants down while Lisa violently kicks, revealing pink, silk bikini briefs matching her racy bra.