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Safe dating helplines

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They may also be able to put you in touch with groups where you can meet other mothers.

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What I’m suggesting is a multi-faceted response to the threat.Some child health clinics also run mother and baby, parent and toddler, breastfeeding, and peer support groups.Children's centres are linked to maternity services.They offer information about local childcare services and availability, and can help you if you need childcare for a child with a disability or special needs. Advice centres are non-profit agencies that give advice on issues such as benefits and housing.They include Citizens Advice, community law centres, welfare rights offices, housing aid centres, neighbourhood centres, and community projects.They offer regular baby health and development reviews and vaccinations.

You can also talk about any problems to do with your child, but if your child is ill and likely to need treatment, it's best to see your GP.

We’ve got to try to do everything and stop children being abused.” Mr Bailey said the number of men currently being arrested by police showed that officers were being effective.

But he added: “With that effectiveness comes some real challenges.

Forces across the country arrest a “staggering” number of people on suspicion of viewing indecent images, some 400 a month, and “the capacity doesn’t exist within the service” to address the problem, according to Simon Bailey, the National Police Chiefs Council’s lead for child protection and abuse investigations.

Britain must face up to the fact that a “comprehensive, multi-faceted” approach to preventing child abuse includes not only arresting offenders and teaching children about the risk, but also the use of confidential phone lines for people who want help coping with their sexual attraction to children, Mr Bailey said.

There is a capacity issue.” Mr Bailey is a keen supporter of helplines, such as the Lucy Faithfull Foundation, which is working with paedophiles and encouraging them to self-refer so they can discuss their problem before they commit any abuse.