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Room sex

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He once was called “a high-powered mutant,” which also describes his cat, Thomas. Should you have sex when your children are in the same room?

Does it make you feel weird if they’re in the room, or is it okay for you? This career journalist loves painting, sculpting, photographing, and getting on stage.Now consider that my girlfriend, Daphne, and I have a stronger bond than I’ve shared with any other human, and that Daphne and Thomas share a strong connection too.These bonds get stronger, deeper, and more mysterious the more time we’re all together. Sometimes when Daphne and I are, uh, , Thomas is nearby, either on the perch next to the bedroom window, on the bed, or just walking in and out of the room. His hips start to tremble and his demeanor gets quite intense.My friend says it's fine – they make sure the children are asleep but I am not certain you can be sure or that they won't wake up and lie there wondering what is happening."READ MORE: * Mum's hilariously honest recount of 'parent sex' * Let's talk about sex... "The post has attracted hundreds of comments and ignited fierce debate – both around the issue itself and whether or not the poster should speak to her friend."It's not right in my opinion, but it's not really any of your business either," said one Netmum member." I'm pretty sure they're not concerned with your opinion on their sex life and I don't see what saying anything will achieve but an argument and potential falling out." Another forum user likened the behaviour to abuse. It's bordering on child abuse and social services would not be pleased…what if they wake up?and pregnancy and parenthood * Love, lust and parenthood "The unnamed poster also said that her friend feels it's no different to "the third world countries where families all share one room."Asking for advice, the woman admitted that the situation made her feel very uncomfortable, given the age of the children. Revolting and I wouldn't be able to not say anything.This long-haired tuxedo Norwegian Forest Cat was rather particular about happenings on the bed.

If Daphne or I were close to her and moved so much as a couple of inches not to her liking, she would shoot us a vengeful look and fly off the bed like a bullet train. Cleo would tolerate the most disruptive of movements in the context of sexual activity.

It's not abuse, OK, it's not ideal but it's not abuse.

We did this when we shared a room with our 13yo when on holiday."So, what do the experts think?

“Noticing that a cat wants to cuddle during the afterglow doesn’t make you a pervert.” Still, it’s okay if you want some intimate time away from your cat.

If, for example, a partner is freaked out by the cat’s presence, you probably want to call a boundary with the animal.

Carol is also co-founder of the Center for Sex and Culture in San Francisco, a nonprofit group also devoted to educating people on human sexuality. With the recent passing of Bracelet and Teacup, who she and her longtime partner Robert Lawrence lived with for years, her home is without a furry four-legged mammal for the first time in a while.