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Romi klinger dating dusty ray

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There’s much more to our relationship, and this is the first season that showed me really kind of jumping around with a curiosity and a search.And because it happened to be with men and women, I got ripped apart as a whore.

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Why do you think people are having trouble wrapping their heads around your story?Join the leader in online dating services and find a date today an unintrusive flirting uncompromising easy-going living area.Meet singles your area for dating, friendship, instant messages, chat more and, ca figures residents hours.I mean, all of a sudden all of the hate that I was getting disappeared. You guys are amazing.” They hated me when Jay came on the show, and then I went back to Kelsey.And then I’m awful when I leave Kelsey, and it’s not a bi thing? \\\ (continued) Commenters on various sites have also said that they are angry, not with your being bisexual, but with what appears to be infidelity and an inability to commit. Whitney - and I’m not calling her out in a mean way at all - has been with multiple women since the show started.I think they got married because they wanted to for themselves. But then the comments that are being written to me are about penis, are about a man.

And during the season, when I was with Kelsey, I got all of this love back.

She has dropped a girl off, picked a girl up and been back and forth with Sara.

They’ve been back and forth with other people on the show, and it was pretty much the story and her journey to Sara.

What sort of feedback, backlash, positive reinforcement, have you gotten since it aired?

It’s really crazy – there’s the support and people saying we love you no matter what and we appreciate what you’re fighting for, and then there’s just been the absolutely horrendous comments that are literally insulting me down to the style of my wedding, the choice of how I got married, the fact that I got married in Vegas, the fact that I got married to a man.

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