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Responding to a dating ad

If you're like a lot of guys, this is how messaging women typically goes on dating sites. Fast-forward six years and 10 different dating sites, and I have not only mastered my tactics, but I also have made it through to find the things most of us are looking for: love, happiness and starting a family.

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In the online world “You’re so beautiful” makes me roll my eyes and assume you type the same thing into every message box. I only respond to messages that show the person read my profile. Creepily noticing what time I’m online and asking me about it… I rarely get along with people who take themselves too seriously.Responding to a woman’s online dating profile is particularly challenging when she does not say much about herself or doesn’t say anything at all and only posts pictures.Some guys would say, and for a valid reason, that it’s not even worth writing to woman who didn’t bother to write at least something about herself, but this isn’t always true, because different women don’t bother writing anything about themselves for different reasons.It’s also great to ask a question at the end of your message- this starts a conversation and gives something to respond to. This is me doing my part to make that world a reality. We have added every detail we could think of, including our puppy's favorite toy.You don’t say much about yourself on your page, but…

I guess it’s better than saying too much like so many other people do on here, who seem to love to brag about how wonderful, accomplished and honest they are.

Well, I am sure you know what I mean and you probably read your fair share of profiles that looked like promotional pamphlets. How about you – how are you spending these days and evenings? Here are some other things you can talk about in your initial messages.

If one or more of her pictures seem to be taken at some exotic location, take a guess of where it was taken and ask her how far off you are.

However, since you don’t know much about the woman from her profile, there is only so much you can say. One great way to start your message in this case is by addressing just that – the fact that she didn’t write much or didn’t write anything at all on her page.

Your first message could be as simple as that: “Hey there.

We do not really know what's happening behind the scenes after our messages are sent out.