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In newspapers around the country, Tinsley's work generates loads of reader mail, much of it contentious. "And some really hate me, but that just lets me know that I'm doing my job." Tinsley was a Reader's Digest Fellow at Indiana University's graduate school of journalism. A seasoned, rumpled ex-newspaper reporter, Mallard now works for WFDR-TV in Washington, D. The fact that he's a duck doesn't stand out at Channel 3 nearly as much as his political beliefs.He thinks we average, hardworking Americans need a break instead of a lecture.

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Chef Tom Meckfessel loads up his surf-and-turf paella with a ton of meat and seafood, including roasted pork loin, mussels and Gulf prawns, along with Spanish accents like Serrano ham, olives and saffron.He can tolerate her politics, but not the fact that her idea of a deli is someplace that serves sprouts on a croissant.And, if she says "self-esteem" one more time, he's gonna commit Chantelicide. Wants to forgo his fourth grade eligibility and go straight to the pros. Carp (pronounced Mizzzzzz Carp), is also president of the local NEA chapter.A powerful dry rub made with spices like curry powder and paprika infuses the pork shoulder with plenty of flavor, while a two-ingredient recipe for masa tortillas will make you think twice about the store-bought wraps.Instead of topping grilled corn with butter and salt, brush it with salted coconut cream.However, his privileged background didn't dull his "social conscience"; he would gladly give someone the shirt off Co-anchor at WFDR, Chantel has a dilemma: she likes Mallard but hates his politics.

Smart, aggressive and liberal, she once had all the makings of a first-class journalist. Chantel and Mallard can't even have lunch together without fighting.

Last and clearly least, Chet is Chantel's co-anchor at WFDR. Although he wasn't born when President Kennedy was assassinated, he can tell you exactly where he was when Barbara Walters launched The View.

Chet believes in giving back to the community, so he's endowed a scholarship to give aspiring young anchorpersons the same opportunity he had - to get a chin transplant. Congressman Veneer never met a tax hike he didn't like.

When asked to come up with a mascot for The Daily Progress entertainment section, artist Tinsley showed editors three ideas: a blue hippopotamus, a big nose in tuxedo and cane, and a duck.

Tinsley says the hippo went unused for fear of offending overweight people, and the nose was axed because it would "offend people of Jewish and Mediterranean descent, not to mention Arabs and anyone else with a big nose." Tinsley says he thought his editors were kidding, but they were not.

Today, the celebrated comic strip about Tinsley's conservative reporter-duck fills the bill in nearly 400 newspapers nationwide.