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DOT is partnering with the US Department of Energy and the Climate Group to develop an LED pilot program for new technologies that will further reduce the City's greenhouse gas emissions and improve energy efficiency.…

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Demonstrations of the operating system have been given, mainly to Russian political figures.It's a long story, but he recently asked me out on a date (I'm an attractive woman, not a man!Gay or not, there seems a gay sensibility in the pics he posts - body shots, hairy legs, and his love for the good life.They charged me Rs 6000, I was given no information about what would happen.They put me on a table and something was pointed between my legs.She could have ruined my family relations forever," she says.

Who has time to go take them." There's a reason why Ajay Gupta who runs a local medical store notes, "We don't get a lot of people from the lower stratas of society who come to buy contraceptives." She didn't know she was pregnant for almost three months, and almost at the end of the window within which she could get an abortion.

The National Family Health Survey for 2010-11 states that over 83 million women use emergency contraceptives as opposed to 16 million users of male condoms."Is there no such thing as doctor-patient privilege?

I had to confess to my mother that I was sexually active and though she was eventually okay with it, how dare the doctor release private information about my life?

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