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She is such a love humoring me in this little passion project of mine and is ...

If you prefer, you can make your form double opt-in at anytime.The biggest thing I will remember about my grandfather is his patience - between being a school teacher and a high school tennis coach for more ...One of my favorite things about coming down to Florida for the holidays is being able to swim laps outside.To customize your pop-up form, follow these next steps.Happy Friday on the one week a year where Friday really does not matter!Believe it or not, I am mostly immune to the smell of chlorine but that does not mean those around me are too.

And not only does chlorine smell, it also does great damage to one’s hair and swimsuits. Once Christmas passes it really feels like the year has come to and end and it becomes a time for reflection.

Competing for Georgetown was a treat and swimming is never something I will lose but I certainly am not at peak Division I level anymore.

That said, I did take away a few things after many years of swimming - sometimes as much of 25 hours a week - and one of them had to do with chlorine.

It is hard to pick favorites, especially when it comes to photos of yourself but I have done it!

But before we get into that I just wanted to say a huge kuddos to my amazing mother who took 7 of the top 10 shots of the year.

I try and keep it bright and cheery here at Sparkles and Shoes, especially over Christmas and not wanting to put a damper on the holiday spirit I waited a few days to post this.