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Pot dating codes

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The numbers listed below are within a year or so of when the actual date of manufacture occurred.

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The pots are what the knobs are mounted to, essentally manually adjustable resisitors that control the voltage across a circuit.Pot codes that are completely out of whack with the features of the guitar can create problems too.If you read this article, you will learn more about dating pots, and other parts too.So a pot stamped 1377833 is a CTS pot made in the 33rd week of 1978.Note that this does not mean a Muff with a 1978 pot was actually made in 1978, it just means it was not made much earlier than 1978.The parts were likely manufactured one to twelve months (sometimes longer) before being used to build an amp or fill a speaker cabinet.

As with dating any other piece of vintage musical equipment, there are discrepencies.

The Muff could have been made months or even years after the pots were purchased as it is known that Electro-Harmonix bought the pots in bulk, as did Fender, and other companies at the time.

Stackpole and CTS made the pots in large runs also, so they may have shipped pots dated earlier than the year Electro-Harmonix ordered them. Some Triangle Muff pot codes are dated 1966, two years earlier than the founding of Electro-Harmonix!

______________________________________________________________________ 2005 Gibson SG 1961 reissue "Amalthea" custom 3 pickup, 57's at B and N, Dimarzio dualsound at the middle w/ coil tap and off/on, as well as lower pots than the originals Many newer guitars don't have easily datable pots in them, so you really need to go by the serial number on the guitar.

If you mean vintage guitars, there are numbers on the pots that can be dated if you can read them. Also, new solder is generally obvious, but can be faked.

) Each of these models are taken up on different pages on this website (just click on the names).