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Gayden in the 1850's, it was the only brick house in Jonesboro before the civil war. Gayden was also a trustee at the First Baptist Church and a captain in General Joseph Wheeler's Confederate Calvary. Looney was president of the middle Georgia College, which was built in 1880 across the street on the site of the 1960's First Baptist Church. Main Street) Erected in 1870, this is the third home built at this location by the Burnside family. Five Burnsides are buried in the family plot behind the house. Main Street) This restored house has a new life in the community.Mundy-Crowell-Burrell House (172 Church Street) Dating from the early 1900's, this house was built in a very popular style (there are at least three similar houses on Mc Donough Street). This 10-room house was built to house his family and border students. Main Street) The house was built in the early 1850's or 1860's, and underwent extensive renovation in 1990 to replace the first and second story porches which were removed in the 1920's. On Kilpatrick's raid in 1864 a citizen was killed here by a cannon ball fired from the north end of Main Street near the Warren House. The original portion, built before 1879, is the two ring wing to the left of the rear entrance. George Blalock added the screen porch on the north side and the sun porch on the south (now the drive-through bank) Stately Oaks (100 Carriage Lane at Jodeco Road) Built in 1839 by Whitmell Allen, the house originally stood four miles north of Jonesboro on 404 acres. Mc Donough Street) This building, barely visible above the 1962 additions, houses the old town clock.

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At the peak of railroad travel, passenger and freight trains passed through day and night, and the Jonesboro-to-Atlanta commuter train, the Dummy, made five round trips a day. Many of these old buildings appear as they did before the Civil War, as the brick exteriors withstood fire while the interiors burned.

Originally buried where they fell, the remains were moved in 1872 after this memorial was formed by a grant by the State Legislature. Cleburne, the cemetery is maintained by the United Daughter's of the Confederacy.

The unmarked headstones are laid out in the shape of the Confederate Battle Flag.

A central hall joins three rooms on the left and two on the right, and dormer windows indicate small rooms on the second story. Ashely Oaks Mansion (144 College Street) This most elegant home in Jonesboro was built in 1879 by Leander Hutchenson, Sheriff of Clayton County, of over 1 million hand made bricks. Each of the four large rooms downstairs stands on its own independent foundation. The Middle Georgia College later became the Jonesboro Public School. The larger front porch of the house was added in 1879 by Mr. During the civil war it was a landmark for both Northern and Southern troops, and Yankee soldiers camped in the fields around the house during the Battle of Jonesboro. Margaret Mitchell visited this courthouse to research local records during the writing of Gone With the Wind.

Fully restored and open for tours with lunch included Tues-Fri at 11,12, and 1. The Greek Revival style house is surrounded by outbuildings, including its original log kitchen, Juddy's Country Store and the Bethel School House. The monuments at the front door of the 1962 addition commemorate Military Chaplains and specifically Father Emiel Bliemel of the Confederate Army, who was killed during the Battle of Jonesboro while giving last rites to Col. 1869 Courthouse/Masonic Lodge From 1858 until the first County Courthouse was completed on this site in 1861, Clayton County Court met in the Masonic Hall, which stood near #1 at Main and Mill Streets.

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