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I nearly lost it right there, because it was so hot.

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Seeing them all intensely hard, and twitching, made me all the more eager to turn on my cam and join in the show.Having acquired a new laptop not long ago, with a hi-def camera and quick processor, I recently spent a horny afternoon on SKYPE with like minded estim freaks.Logging into a session with multiple users, all wired up and enjoying the pleasures coursing through our stiff cocks, together and getting off on the shared experience is a total mind blowing activity.He was moaning in constant rhythm, matching the spasms of his swollen dick.One of the other guys had his cock bobbing up and down, obviously very, very aroused, and as he chanted 'oh god!Their feet made contact as their knees bent slightly, and they both settled into a lazy stroking of their juicy holes.

As I saw all this I was also trying to keep an eye on my remaining partner, (2 if you count the woman masturbating WITH him).

I was also dripping precum; the image of my own cock on the screen surrounded by 3 other twitching, moaning voices, attached to those throbbing poles was fucking with my mind! OOH those legs, so silky smooth and spread wide, seemingly just for me, really got to me!

Then the girl on the screen on my TV started to cum, her hot wet cunt, swollen and dripping, started to spasm, and contract. I had often masturbated to her various videos, and the spice of doing so with other stimmers seeing the result was making me so fucking horny.

I wasn't the only one watching porn as well, I imagine.

Sure enough, one of the guys turned his cam slightly, but instead of porn, I saw a woman, obviously watching all of us on another monitor, naked and spread, in the room with him, and fucking herself furiously as she watched the screen on front of her, panting as she got off to US!

The short-haired brunette with glasses reached up to fondle her sweet tit, making her nipple hard and stiff, as here other hand snaked down to caress her shaved pussy.