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Palmdale dating

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When you are not at work, what do you enjoy doing: I am an ordained minister.

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So one of the goals they set in creating a Foundation in Pat's memory was to recognize extraordinary nurses everywhere who make an enormous difference in the lives of so many people by the super-human work they do everyday.Members of the staff worked frantically to stabilize the patient's respiratory status and completed multiple rounds of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) protocol.After 45 minutes and exhausting most of the medications in the crash cart, there was no improvement in the patient.I worked as a travel RN for a couple of years, but decided that I really missed being part of a team, so I returned to a staff RN position.Number of years working for Palmdale Regional: Just over 2 years.Number of years on current specialty: I've worked various jobs in nursing, but my focus has been in Critical Care for about 22 years.

What do you love most about nursing: The best thing about Nursing is helping good people through bad times.

They also gave the patient a medication for pulmonary hypertension.

There was an immediate response and the flash pulmonary edema began to subside.

Number of years working as an RN: I've been an RN for nearly 9 years, but have worked a variety of jobs in the Healthcare industry dating back to 1989.

Prior to achieving my RN licensure, I worked as an LPN in a CV/Trauma ICU for 15 years.

The DAISY Award is a nationwide program that rewards and celebrates the extraordinary clinical skill and compassionate care given by nurses every day.