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Over forty dating tips

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Look for shades that have a yellow undertones to take away the purpleness under the eyes, and always apply after your foundation.

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You’ll be surprised how much slimmer and younger you will look with proper support and shaping.I like Milani’s Luminous blush for a nice, healthy glow- it’s a beautiful pinky coral shade with gold highlights that looks great on everyone.Don’t be afraid to add a little sparkle to your life- toss out your dark winter shades and lighten your lip color for spring with a sparkly gloss to give you a younger, fresher look, guaranteed to take years off.Say it enough times and you will embrace your sexiness. Less eyeshadow, less red lipstick, less low cut blouse and less short short skirts.Just above the knee and a hint of that gorgeous cleavage, nude color lips and neutral tones are all ultra sexy. Pulling up your skirt is not sexy but bending down and giving a brief glimpse of stocking top is.Your lips will look fuller and sexier, especially at night.

While it seems contradictory to both avoid the sun and to embrace sunglasses while in the sun, we all know its impossible to completely avoid sunshine.

The sun, married with squinting in the sun, will bring them on prematurely.

So, you may not only look your age, but you may appear older.

While a tan makes us all look good, being the hottest 80 year old in the home is essential when looking to date as an octogenarian.

Follow this tip and reap the rewards as you gracefully age.

No woman should ever go without under eye concealer.