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Orange county online dating

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Especially as compared to truly horrible things Vicki did say about Shannon’s marriage, and for those accusations, excuse me: ALLEGATIONS, I think Shannon is rightfully furious, but Tamra is the one who kept the ‘Eddie is gay’ rumor alive.

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As it turns out the timetable of Peggy’s foray onto RHOC was very bad. Peggy explains that a lot of her nonsensical babble wasn’t just being an Armenian exchange student, but being in chronic pain while recovering from surgery and loss, and also being on medication.However, according to Kelly, Jimmy Dad Jeans Jazz Hands is still cheating. Meghan asserts that Kelly should’ve asked JIM directly, just as she came to Kelly directly with her concerns. Really Meghan – you still think it’s OK to text your so-called friend this, while believing you deserve an eternal pass for being pregnant?Maybe Peggy should do a follow up questionnaire of, “Do you trust your husband? The miracle Lydia Mc Laughlin has been praying for all season finally happened on last night’s Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion part 2: Vicki Gunvalson sincerely apologized, and made amends with Tamra Judge. After all, just how many seasons can we stretch out the indomitable Brooks Ayers drama (it’s going on 5 seasons now! We get it – he’s scum, and Vicki was an innocent virginal angel duped because of her saintly loving heart. She did take one of Kelly Dodd‘s Adderall after a 24-hour binge drinking fest, then follow it up with a Xanax and some Ny Quil like a 20-something Rave Kid from the 90’s.It was a real apology, too, not one fueled by alcohol and ratings. Tamicki love each other – they really love each other! Of course only Vicki would confuse getting “high” with having an heart attack.And we well know the sacrifices Vicki made, beside her dignity.

Vicki is a fool for her love tank, and a fool and her love tank are soon emptied.

Like all despotic rulers neither allows their guard down to trust the other’s sincerity.

Ladies: read some history, your reign of terror is more effective TO-GETH-THER!

Shannon is disappointed again in Vicki – why does Vicki keep ruining all the good with all her bad?!

Why can’t they just laugh, have fun and take shots served by men who don’t cheat?

Tamra has also decided Vicki’s actions are homophobic, and Vicki is outraged by this.