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No log in fuck buddies

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He left me enough of an opening to roll over on my back.Then our hard cocks were grinding against each other.

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Our parents were good friends and once a week or so they got together to play cards and have a few drinks.This time he laid across my chest, and used his free hand to take his shorts off. What I saw next, was Jeff's fully erect cock lying on my chest. Jeff leaned forward over my head and let it fall on my face. He slapped my cheeks with it and then moved off of me. He didn't move towards his shorts, just knelt beside me wearing his t-shirt. Since I was handicapped before having my knees bound, I was an easier target this time.Then he held me down, while he spun his ass around and sat right down on my chest! He mounted me from behind, face into the carpet and ground his hard cock into the crack of my ass.As my shoulder hit the ground, I noticed Jeff's firm cock grinding into my thighs.We moved back to the starting position again, with Jeff on all fours. While I was thinking about his underwear, he spun around and got the top position.I leaned into him as I had each time before, this time not embarrassed about my erection.

He counted 1 – 2 , then I reached back and yanked his shorts to his knees.

Once in the bathroom, I took off my shorts and underwear, tried to piss through my hard-on and did everything I could to try to will this away.

I was very turned on by his touch and decided that it must be natural if it kept happening to both of us.

As I prepared to make my move, I noticed a strange stirring in my shorts.

Jeff counted to three and I was instantly focused on the match.

But that didn't stop Jeff, He spun right around even with his knees stuck together by his shorts, grabbed me across the chest and threw me down on my back.