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----- Those curds or no degree how could they vote for Trumpi.

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Drivetime - Sounds bites from Mexican boarder towns owned by multi million dollar drug cartels.... Dublin City Council admission on failing to deal with a slumlord housing foreign nationals in death trap of squalor..... Abolishing the license fee on hold for now.....go to Africa when rte plays mostly African music I think its great ,everyone at rte should go there for the full experience and while in Ireland make as many African friends as you can so then they can go and move into your house and live there it will be a lovely time .Boeing chief who was convicted for going against the spirit of American business law..... There will be no money in the banks come Monday morning. As if the British would let Southern Ireland run out of paper. A nuclear fleet to maintain.£5.3trillion in FX currency market with £2trillion daily through London....Lear jets and lie detectors verses plausible deniability..... Would not print the paper (Punt) and fly in from Brice Norton air base. LOL"The Irish national media broadcasting there will be no money in the accounts come Monday morning would be an act of treason"....A chicken makes a contribution to the breakfast but a pig makes a commitment! Would that be parity of esteem regarding post conflict communities recognition and respect of each others cultural differences and shared space.Parity of esteem regarding the able bodied and the disabled or simply Parity the UK based charity advocating equal rights for men and women regarding state pension entitlements.LOl SEAMUS SEAMUS SEAMUS THAT is very disrespectful ,so you have to be banished to England for the rest of your life , OH LOOK you done it again the back of the pant is completely BROWN ,that's it get out of the house and here is your ticket for the ferry.

European banks shunned by investors throughout 2016 and Europe in 2017 LOL Markets burnt twice by Europe and won't entertain risking a third scorching that's unless there is a European wide taxation hymn sheet and every country is singing off it, well except the UK. Marian Finucane Show on May 6th criticising the term "parity of esteem".

Bill Black who locked up more Bankers than hot dinners as US Banking Authority.

Bill who closed banks on the Thursday then rebranded and reopened on the Tuesday while everyone enjoyed the bank holiday.

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) is the principal radio channel of Irish public-service broadcaster Raidió Teilifís Éireann. Approximately 42,000 pensioners shorted who worked and contributed all their lives.... The Poetry Programme - Conor O'Callaghan interview... Bankers and club managers buying up foreign talent have destroyed the national team...... The ounce proud European industrial heavy weight destroyed by the 1999 implementation of the Euro.....

Shalom my friends, shalom, my friends, shalom, shalom, Jeff Bezos wrong footed again and his media stooges, LOL LOLer. Seventy years of kabuki theater are over and colours are nailed to the mast.