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Despite his academic shortcomings, he was always a hard worker, his string of shitty day jobs including paper routes, telemarketing gigs and a stint at the Taco John at the mall."Nathaniel has always been a really good kid," insists his mother, Teresia Franks. There was an old lady who lived across the street from us. Bud is really Chronic," says Scuzz, who had been brought on board as a dealer. But when you're making twenty or thirty grand a week, why the fuck would you stop?

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Once Nate hatched his smuggling plan, he and Topher realized that their first order of business would be to scrape together enough cash to make a buy.They fly small planes, low, dropping their loads at agreed-upon locales – farms, rasp-berry fields – without landing.They have dug a 360-foot tunnel, beginning in a Quonset hut in Canada and ending in the living room of a home in Lynden, Washington.Topher, nine years his senior, initially met Nate as a customer. We're at these parties, watching naked women jump into pools, feeding piranhas in aquariums, smoking out of big, fancy bongs."Topher is sitting, at the moment, in the visiting room of a federal prison in Terminal Island, California.An avid outdoorsman who hunted deer and elk for meat, Topher didn't have much in common with Nate but found him goofy yet likable, a "fat, funny kid" with a "big heart."Nate had been getting his stash from a dealer in Spokane, Washington. "Topher said, "I try to be."Nate said, "I've got a plan."The Idea turned out to be a textbook case of business economics: Buy low, sell high and eliminate the middleman. Suddenly, Nate and Topher and all of their friends had more cash than they'd ever dreamed of, along with expensive cars, hot girlfriends and fancy lakefront homes. He's a big guy, with solid arms and blocky features.His girlfriend Buffy once received a letter in which Nate spelled "pot" with an extra "t." "He can't spell 'marijuana,' either," she adds.

The 40 Greatest Stoner Albums Always ready with an eager grin, Nate developed a puppy-dog need for approval - and perpetually holding proved a quick way to earn the love, or at least tolerance, of his peers.

But he had heard about how easy it was to cross the Canadian border – only an hour north of Coeur D' Alene – and bring back the popular, extremely potent marijuana growing in abundance in British Columbia and known, generically, as "B. Bud." Rumor had it that the town of Nelson had become a sort of hippie Shangri-La, a place where if it took you more than ten minutes to find someone to sell you a dime bag, there was a good chance you were already high. And then, just as quickly, they began to lose control. Outside, there are palm trees in the parking lot and a decent view of the harbor. Though marijuana remains illegal in Canada, the stance of the government regarding pot is far less hysterical than in the United States, with laws enforced sporadically and penalties never especially stringent.

Harder drugs, guns, paranoia, eventually violence – it was like a movie, everyone agrees. "When I heard about the Butler kid, I just wanted out," he says. No one's supposed to die."ccording to law-enforcement officials, the sale of B. "Americans like to think they can stop this," says Donald Skogstad, a defense lawyer in British Columbia who specializes in pot cases.

Most of Colombian ladies are conservative with a wonderful unspoiled attitude ready to devote themselves totally to marriage.

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Right now, they're catching all the dumb people. They'll never get you if you're doing it properly."Top 10 Marijuana Myths and Facts Smugglers have buried stashes in semi trucks filled with wood chips and driven across the border.