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Low rate for consolidating student loan

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If a loan has terms that saddle you with insurmountable debt, it is counterproductive to your educational mission of getting ahead.

Perkins funds are reserved for undergraduate and graduate students exhibiting the greatest need for financial assistance during college.If you already have credit strikes against you, from late payments or defaults, your outlook for conventional borrowing is even more bleak.However, there is good news for students who need college funding, and it comes in the form of no credit-check federal loans.State loans for higher education are not available everywhere, but provide valuable resources for students attending college in states that do sponsor student lending.The Minnesota Office of Higher Education administers SELF Loans, which are long-term fixed-rate education loans.Once your EFC is determined, it is used to draft an individual Student Aid Report (SAR) that spells out your financial needs relating to college.

The SAR is forwarded to universities of your choice, to place you in consideration for whatever student aid is available – including student loans.

Filing your FAFSA gets the ball rolling to help you pay for college.

Grants and loans are essential components of most student aid packages.

Government grants are awarded based on financial need, and the funds don’t require repayment.

Needless to say, any grants you can get your hands on provide a major windfall for financing your education.

Qualifying for Direct Loans does not require a formal credit check, so this is your best avenue for borrowing if your credit is bad or non-existent.