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Lindsay lohan dating men again

If you are like Raquel and you think a relationship is boring without ups and downs, then you are still dating with a high school mentality.If you are still attracted to guys that aren’t good for you because they keep you on edge, realize that you will be signing up for a stormy relationship, and later a rocky marriage.

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From your returning favorites to your newest addictions, here’s a full list of what’s on when. JANUARY Monday, […] Justin Timberlake might be hitting the road! When she had met Anthony, she had just broken up with Jay, her on-and-off boyfriend of three years. She had been dating Anthony, a software developer with a small start up business, for only a few weeks.A man that wanted to hear her point of view and valued her opinion. But I just don’t get that rush of excitement like I did when I was around Jay. It feels like something ten times better and a lot less nauseating. It’s safe, and I’m elated to say, it’s super comfortable.When love is the lasting kind, you don’t feel like you are standing on the edge of a 400 foot cliff (I should know, I’ve actually stood there.) Sure, you may get the butterflies in the beginning but when love is real, it goes deeper than, as Lindsay Lohan put it in , “feeling like your stomach is going to fall out of your butt.” It feels like home. No, you don’t get tongue-tied around your partner after so many years – but you do feel a rush of utter happiness when they walk through the door after a long workday and you would absolutely jump in front of a moving bus if it meant saving them from any harm.Men that are unpredictable (my nice way of saying unreliable), don’t miraculously transform into steady and dependable husbands once they wed.

If you have been with someone for years and you still aren’t able to fully relax and be comfortable with them, you aren’t in love… Raquel was so used to her roller coaster relationship with Jay, that the stable happy one she had with Anthony seemed lackluster… The good, dependable guy in front of you isn’t boring. If you need some excitement in your life, don’t get it from boys.

Keeping the Butterflies Alive Some people mistakenly fight off real love.

Have you ever known someone that religiously breaks off every one of their relationships at the same time point in time?

The truth is that Raquel and most love junkies are addicted to the feeling of excitement that uncertainty brings.

Not knowing if someone liked her, not knowing when they would call or want to see her again, drove Raquel nuts. That’s why when the phone finally did ring, the high was so great, it felt like a full on episode of “Her relationship with Jay was always in a state of flux, so the butterflies never went away, and she always assumed it meant it was love.

Yes, you get a rush of adrenaline when after three days and no calls, your phone rings.